dovecot shared mailbox subfolders not showing

i am using my own email server with postfix and dovecot.
i have shared mailbox with subfolders.
when i create subfolders in primary account they are shown correctly.
but subfolders from shared mailboxes are not shown.
is there something i can change on the server? because in outlook and thunderbird these folders are shown correctly.
could someone please help?

As far as I know eM Client is not fully compatible with Dovecot, and especially not with shared mailboxes.

There was one idea proposed on this forum to enable shared mailboxes, but I cannot find it now. Maybe do a search o this forum for Dovecot and see if there is anything of use there.

ok, i solved it somehow. it seems that emclient only gets top level folders of shared mailboxes. i had to move all subfolders from INBOX to ROOT in order to show correctly. just in case anyone has this same problem in the future

Yeah, I seem to recall that was an issue with Dovecot. Nice to know that you have a workaround Florian. Thanks for providing a solution.:wink:

EMC worked fine with Shared Folder.
Shared Folder must be at Root.
Shared Folder must be configured correctly in your dovecot.conf