Unable to open folder "/Public"

Hi all,
In a Win10 pro fresh installed client, after initial sync with an IMAP linux based mailserver (Dovecot + Postfix), i see the following error in italian language:

[IMAP]Impossibile aprire la cartella “/Public”. (NO [NOPERM] Permission denied (0.001 + 0.000 secs).)
in english it may be:
[IMAP]Unable to open folder “/Public”. (NO [NOPERM] Permission denied (0.001 + 0.000 secs).)

Now i have root access at mailserver (locally hosted) and i can confirm that there is not a file nor a folder called Public into the user account folders structure.
What is the meaning of the error and how can i solve it?
Referred to 8.2.1175 version.

I always thought that eM Client was not fully compatible with Dovecot, at least not displaying shared folders, but maybe this will help. See @Steffen_M’s comment also

Thanks @Gary, but this is not my case. Folders are not shared and all the folders are correctly shown in EMC. But the error remains unchanged :frowning:

Please open the menu Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “IMAP” under the problematic account. Restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs using the same logging settings window at wilson@emclient.com. Then I will be able to advise you further. Thank you.