Doesnt download all emails

eM Client has a problem downloading some of my emails from one of the accounts. I had 2 emails sent to me in the last couple days (I dont receive too many emails) from the same address, both are still in the inbox folder. I have sent one email to myself and it went through, also received another one from someone and it went through as well. It looks like those 2 emails are compleatly unseen by the eM Client, on other client on android they are ok. I have tried to use repair on the whole mailbox and the folder alone, also tried to run diagnostics, everything looks fine… I use IMAP.

I have the same issue. Email provider says its the client problem…

Is the program abandoned already or something?

Great, now it happens to my other email account as well…
Anyone here?

Ok, eM Client doesn’t do what it was made for…
No need for a program that doesn’t do its job… Delete…

Schaut mal hier

First of all, please use English. I don’t understand German (had to use translator, which as probably you know don’t work too well…).
And it looks like your problem was of another kind. eM Client is having trouble downloading messages from certain senders in my case (like it wouldn’t see them there at all). It downloads and sends the others properly. I have tried IMAP and POP3 settings.

Ok, program doesn’t do simplest thing that was designed to do - Doesn’t download messages. I’m deleting it. Goodbye.