Does EMClient SYNC with Google Contacts? Not Import, but Sync?

If NOT, please… when will it happen?

Well, as it’s mentioned here:… , in my opinion it DOES sync eM Client contacts.

However, I’m going to set-up my iphone with eM Client (as it’s mentioned there) tommorow. Will let you know as it’s done.

there’s another topic about that:… . It’s on our to-do list.

It does not synchronise with Google contacts.

it will be available with the release of 2.8 version in the middle of December.

Thank you for the reply. We hope so :slight_smile:

Can’t wait

see the topic… about new version and its features.

The new version will not be available for release in December. the new information now from Gabriel is sometime in January and no date given.

has this come out yet?

They are already on version 3.0.1.

It syncs with Google contacts - in both directions.

thank you! :slight_smile:

thanks for your share

Mine does not sync both ways. I just began using eM client yesterday so perhaps I am doing something wrong. If I enter a contact into my gmail contacts, I will see it appear in my eM Client window. However, when I enter a new contact into my eM client window, it does not also appear in my Google Contacts. Any help is appreciated.

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