Do not automatically show (and mark as read) first mail


is it possible to disable that the first mail from the inbox (or any other folder) is displayed and marked as read atomatically when starting emclient or switching to a mail folder?

Thanks for your time.


It is a good idea!
The first thing I have to do after starting eM Client is check the message has not been accidentally marked as read. I mean the first message from last session.


+1 for this request!
The current behaviour is quite annoying in my opinion.

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To stop emails automatically being marked read, click “Menu / Settings / Mail / Read” and “deselect / clear” the first two boxes. Then click “apply & ok”.

Yes, I know about this option.
I want to set the messages as read after 5 sec but not upon eM Client opening.


Thanks for the suggestion @cyberzork, but as @Vladimir_Losinsky pointed out, messages should still be marked as read automatically when they have been shown for a few seconds.

It’s really about the moment when I open up the whole app or switch to another folder.
Half of the requested functionality seems to be already there, as no message is shown (and marked as read) if I select a sorting group heading instead of a message.
Maybe it would be possible to provide an option to select the topmost group heading instead of the first mail in these cases?

It’s especially unfortunate when using the read status for sorting. Because in this case the first message may end up somewhere far down in the list … depending on how long it was kept as unread (which I actually do sometimes as some kind of TODO mechanism for myself).

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I want to set the messages as read after 5 sec

Ok. Sounds like that would then be a feature request. Maybe the devs might add this as an option in Settings down the the (Mail / Settings / Read) section.

In the meantime though the only option would then be to disable those 2 options and use either eg: “Right click / Mark as Read” on the Subject line" or Click “Mark as Read” on the Toolbar along the top via the Customize" option.


Maybe the devs might add this as an option in Settings down the the (Mail / Settings / Read) section.

That would be great!

Thx @Gary for already having changed the category of this topic to feature request.

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Hi! Me too, I would like this feature to be created, specially because it would avoid opening spam messages automatically on eMclient start!


I desperately need a feature like this as well. Im currently navigating through 20 folders every day and getting messages unintentionally marked as read just creates so much chaos. Maybe a solution could be an option to not open an email automatically when you enter the app or a new folder, so youd have to willfully click on the first email yourself.

Oh and since I just noticed: this also goes for the search bar sadly.

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The lack of this feature just prevents me to pay for eM Client…
I can’t consider having an email client that opens emails when I don’t want to.

I have especially the problem with spam folder : sometime I just want to check if there’s no good emails in my spam folder and when I click on the folder, the first message is displayed, sometimes with horrible images, marked as read and if there are any trackers on the email…


Hard to believe there is not a way to avoid the first message listed from automatically getting displayed, check marked, and marked as read.

I really want to be able to use the mark message as read after displaying. but i had to turn this off.
I read emails using a unread filter and im a new user but ive already lost track of 3 emails that i didnt really address but because they were at the top of the list, they have been removed from my unread sort. I found them, right clicked and marked unread. I cannot afford to lose track of more so i will have to either actually open the email in separate tab by double clicking or mark each message i view as read manually.

I would also like to have a setting to view my inbox by a unread filter permanently as in, in the settings

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This issue is a big deal for me to, and it why I uninstall and not buy the software, because this is so annoying.

As I saw in Mailbird, when you are on the first message is only mark as read when I click on an other email, this could be a good option

Thanks for time

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