Distribution List problem

Suddenly, sending to a distribution list only sent to 5 addresses on a list out of 47. I added ~10 addresses beforehand and they all show up on the list, but when put into the bcc: field only the somewhat random 5 now appear.

Last week the list was sending just fine. Is there a list size limit? Any other reason for this to suddenly happen? This seems to now be a permanent problem as it just recurred a day later.

No there is no limit. Please send me the distribution list saved in .vcf format so we can test it. Thank you.

How do I edit my existing distribution list? I can’t even find it in the contacts.

If you cannot find it it may be a problem … Standard way how to do this is following: right click on a contact/distribution list and choose Open. Then you can edit its details.

OK got it thanks.

When you say to right click on a contact/distribution list - where is the contact/distribution list found?

Okay, I guess you have to be a rocket scientist to accomplish a query. I created two distribution lists. I am able to use them when I write an e-mail, but I would like to access the distribution list to add more contacts. When you say to right click on a contact/distribution list to open it, where do I find it? Thank you.

RIght click on the distribution list in eM Client’s contact list and choose “Open”. You can also doubleclick on the distribution list. Hope it helps.

I am tryingto accomplish the same thig and still can’t do his.
When I do the drop down button NEW-Distribution List-Rt Clk. Nothing happens. When I click on the contact list, it says there are no contacts isted and so won’t open. I know there are contacts in there as I have been sending emails and when I push the TO button, they are in there.
So trying to still edit and delete distribution list. Also why don’t my contacts sho up uder the contact button located under Calenger and Tasks
Thank you

Could you please post here a screenshot? What version of eM Client are you using?

After 3 days I have finally figured it out
Thank you

Where did you find it? I have been looking all over for the distribution lists. Not found within contacts or any menus.

Hi, distribution list should be saved in the contacts folder from which you were creating the distribution lists, it might be a bit confusing they look just as another contact.
Please try looking for the distribution list between all your contacts, if you find it, you should be able to double click it and then add or remove the addresses.

Thank you, hope it helps,

my e-mails only send to a few people on my distribution list, and then the names are totally removed from my distribution list.  How do I stop this from happening???

I have liked eM Client immensely, but like you, I found that the distribution lists were “unstable,” meaning that they’d suddenly drop members from the list.  For that reason, more than anything else, I have switched to Thunderbird, where the distribution lists are stable in membership.  In all other aspects, I’ve liked eM Client.

Hello, what mail service are you using with eM Client? Are you using a Gmail account? Is it possible you have tried to edit the distribution list using your webmail or another device that did not create the distribution list.


Hello Bob, this can be an issue on Gmail, since Gmail does not support distribution lists, the lists are then synchronised silently but at some cases gmail can drop the content of the list in case it’s edited from another location.


I am using gmail, however I entered ALL the names into the distribution list right on the eM Client and created the list on eM Client. 

My experience was also like Nancilee’s - I developed distribution lists right within eM Client - no lists were imported. And I have been a Gmail user since its beta days.

Hi Paul, I used Thunderbird with my Gmail account for years prior to getting eM Client (via its being a component of SoftMaker Office Professional), and with Thunderbird, I never had troubles with distribution lists suddenly losing members after I developed them.  So the problem clearly belonged to eM Client.  Other than this problem I have long really liked the features of eM Client, and I have recommended it to other friends and family.