Display messages count and folder size in Mail folders pane

As I found out (another thread) currently eM Client is unable to display total folder messages count and folder size; it only shows unread messages count (or blank, if all messages were read). All information is already there: looking at example below, folder “Jayride” contains two messages, sizes 21kB and 12kB:

Relatively trivial coding could add this information to the left hand “Mail” column, and show “2” for two messages, and “33kB” for folder size, as illustrated below (from different email client):

(Rough) indication of coding complexity: the screenshot above is from Mozilla Thunderbird with Extra Folder Columns extension implementing optional (selectable) Unread / Total / Size info. The extension comes in two versions: one is 27 lines of code, another one is 121 lines of code.

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Hello Vlad, it’s not always about the simplicity of developing the option, but sometimes we also have to think about where to display the information and how to handle it, I’m sure the developers are aware of this missing information, but as long as there’s other feature they’re working on, it can’t be implemented immediately. As I suggested under another topic/post of yours, the information about unread and total count for each folder is displayed in the status bar in the bottom of the application as you can see on the screenshot below.


Thanks for responding, Paul, I appreciate your feedback. This is not to hope to rush any implementation (I am not in a position to do that anyway). I moved it to the “Ideas” as now I know that it is not implemented, so it is not a question anymore, but an idea for future consideration. I appreciate that it is one of many, some will be implemented soon, some later, some maybe never.

I am aware that the status bar shows some info, but still no size, and for a single folder in focus only. How many messages I have in my tree structure of folders and sub-folders, how much disk space they consume, requires slow, step by step checking, or using a file explorer – not a practical proposition for someone with many folders and many messages.
cheers, Vlad.

Hello Briar, unfortunately eM Client does not include any advanced junk filtering option, but you should be able to blacklist the domain or the sender by using the move to junk button. You could also setup a manual filter to move message that contain “Pills” in the subject to the Junk folder.

However my best suggestion would be setting up a mail server filter, that would allow you to remove or automatically move unsolicited or junk email to the trash or the junk folder more intuitively, I could personally recommend solutions such as spamihilator or similar.

Hope this helps, 

“Hope this helps”…it probably would if you posted it in correct thread.

Hi, this is the only feature which is stop me to use eM Client. So, I’m stuck with other clients. But I’m watching for eM Client and waiting for implementatino of showing size of folder and count of all / unread mesages. I’m write it in other thread but this is about the same think, so I’m write here and there :slight_smile:

I also need this feature before switching to eM Client. TC

My comment at https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/number-of-read-e-mails covers the message count, but the folder size is not yet possible.

Hello. Does anyone know if eM Client now has any way to tell you the size of a folder of saved emails? (IMAP)

Is it possible yet to show number of messages in a folder on the folder list? I see this was discussed 5 years ago, it is really useful to be able to see message counts at a glance…

It’s a shame that the number of messages after 5 years still is not to see!