Disappearing inbox mails

Since a week or so I am having problems with emails disappearing in my inbox. This problem only happens in eM Client and not in webmail or in other mail clients.

When I delete an email (on purpose), one or more other emails in the inbox disappear. When I close eM Client and restart, the emails are back again. This seems to happen with random mails, but only in my inbox.

I am using free version 8.0.2951 (e2fe9f0).
My provider is local: mijnhostingpartner.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.

May not be an answer to your problem, but there has been an update available to you since August.

Thank you, but when I check for updates I get the message that there are no updates available. Maybe because I am using Dutch language version?

Use the link I sent you… your version has an update available problem

OK, I used the link and I now have the latest version.

Great! I am sure one of the other volunteers will be able to assist with your problem if the new version did not help.

Thanks for your help and I hope that someone else can help me as the initial problem is not solved.

Update: I still have this problem but now also 2 email messages from my Inbox disappeared. I am with Smartermail, which should be supported. I am using emclient for about 2 years and I didn’t have this problem before.

Does anyone have any suggestions what to do?

I am having the exact same problem. I have 6 email accounts I use with eM and only 2 of them have the issue. One is a Google G Suite account (IMAP), and the other is a personal email account from Rogers, that uses Yahoo for their emails. I’ve been in contact with support and had some good back and forth, but still no fix. I’ve sent logs, tried resetting my accounts, uninstalled and re-installed a new version from scratch, and still the same issue. More often than not the deletion is permanent. Sometimes if I close eM and re-open the email will come back when it checks for new mail. But other times it not come back, and its gone from my webmail, phone, etc. Not even in the deleted items. It’s a huge issue and I’m really hoping for a fix soon or I’m going to need a refund at this point.

Thank you for sharing this! It is good to hear that I am not the only one with this problem. Since I lost a few emails (like you say: they are not even in deleted items anymore) I decided to stop using eM. I have the free version of eM so I think I can’t get support. It is very frustrating as I liked eM. I am using webmail for now but will look for another email client in the near future. I still hope this problem will be solved somehow one day soon.

I really hope they get this figured out. I’ve tried every email client there is for Windows 10 and can’t find any better. Especially since it will sync my iOS calendar and contacts, which Outlook can’t do smoothly. Plus a unified inbox. I’m just praying they fix this.

I am surprised that it looks like we are the only ones having this issue. I’m afraid to solve this isn’t priority as long as there are only 2 users with the problem.

As this is a community supported forum and not eM Client Support, any assistance you get here will be from other users. Maybe you are correct and no other users have had the problem, or discussed it here.

If you want eM Client Support to assist you with solving this, you will need to open a support ticket with them. For that you will need to purchase a Pro License.

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I am in the same boat, it’s really annoying when this happens, and I just can’t find out where these emails go. Yesterday I had an email from mrb999@ and when I moved the email above him by dragging the email into a folder, his email disappeared at exactly the same time. It seems that it happens when you do something to an adjacent email. Does anyone have an idea about this??

Did you have any solution?

Unfortunately this problem wasn’t solved. I am not using Em Client until there is a solution. Hope to hear from anyone who can help.

I’m having the same problem with disappearing messages in my Inbox so I have stopped using eM Client for now and switched back to Mailbird which does not have this problem. I hope they fix this problem as it is very important NOT to lose message.


I am having this exact issue - emails just disappear from the inbox and are in effect hard deleted. we have checked rules and archive options which tbh we knew would not be the issue but there is no way to recreate this let alone if it happens when no one is looking emails could be evaporating from folders left right and center.

we have just brought a whole team across to Emclient and really need a fix for this

Hi, I am also still waiting until this problem is solved.