Disable notifications for specific folders

Is it possible to disable notifications for emails that arrive and get filtered into certain folders in my mail and don’t end up in the main Inbox folder.

E.g. in Gmail I have setup a filter for emails that are sent from a certain domain to automatically move into a Folder A. Is it possible to disable notifications for such emails that end up in Folder A?
I know it is possible to disable notification for a specific mailbox in general, but I can’t seem to find the option to disable notifications for folders.


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Anyone? …

I second this. I receive a lot of emails that don’t require my attention and I have set rules for them to go to specific folders and I would like to disable the notifications for them and can’t seem to find the option anywhere.

Not sure what “notification” they are referring to in the rule setup… but may be worth further investigation…


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Interesting. I set it up and will now wait for one of the emails to come up if it triggers a notification. Thank you.

I use that all the time, and it works just fine.

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Yes, I confirm that it works!

Thanks for this input and for the feedback.
While this works in certain cases, I am afraid in my situation it doesn’t. In the example given the rule works only for the emails that eMclient should move to a specific folder. My emails however are already filtered by Gmail and have been moved to folders on that stage.
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a rule which would only “skip notification” for a specific folder.

If they have already been moved server-side, you will not get a notification in eM Client, just an unread count on the folder.

Und genau hier ist doch das Problem.
Könnte es nicht eine Möglichkeit geben, die Benachrichtigungen je Ordner zu deaktivieren, damit dieses nicht über eine Regel geschehen muss?
Dieses würde ich sehr begrüßen. Dieses kann ja Standardmäßig an sein, so muss sich keiner umgewöhnen, aber es wäre eine nette Funktion. Aus diesem Grund kann ich den Client nicht mit meinem Geschäftskonto verbinden. Hier habe ich sehr viele Unterordner, ja Niederlassung. Hier laufen die Mails einfach rein. Sollte die Niederlassung Probleme haben, so kann ich mir die Mails dann anschauen, wenn ich es muss. Diese Mails aber jeden Tag anzuschauen, stellt keine Option da.
Mein Arbeitgeber stellt Outlook zur Verfügung und somit muss ich die Outlook Regeln verwenden und kann nicht die EMCLIENT Regeln benutzen.

I also thought that this is the way it is supposed to work. But somehow I do still receive notifications for the emails that have been moved server-side.

I wonder if that is specific to Gmail accounts. I don’t use Gmail for email, and with standard IMAP, messages moved server-side do not give notifications in eM Client.

There is a “skip notification” rule, see below. Have never used it but may be worth a try?

That is for eM Client Rules. It does not apply to server-side filters.

I don’t know if this can be somehow resolved from the developers’ side, but it would definitely help a lot. I am using Gmail’s IMAP.

I thought that is what was being discussed. Then again I am coming off a 62 hour power loss and may be working with a fried brain.

Appreciate the clarification, Gary.

I’m here for this exact problem.
I’ve just upgraded from eM Client 7 to the new version 8 and now I’ve receiving notifications of new emails every time an image snapshot is taken on my home IP cameras which are separated into sub folders and on the gmail server side told to skip the inbox so they don’t register as new emails but the numbers in brackets next to each subfolder is still displayed.

Version 7 of eM Client worked perfectly, since upgrading to version 8 I’m getting spammed with new email notifications every time one of my cameras detects movement.

Is there still no solution to this problem or is downgrading from the new version of 8 to the older version 7 the only workaround? Surely the developers can fix this seeing as it worked perfectly in version 7?

I would say the solution is to use another email provider. :wink:

This “problem” is specific to Gmail because non-Gmail users complain that messages moved on the server do not have notifications. :sweat_smile: