Deleted junk mail does not go to Trash

When I delete junk mail, it does not go to Trash folder. The items completely disappear.
I use Hotmail, but it’s not like that there.

That is the intended behavior. It is assumed that if you want to delete junk mail, you want it completely deleted. Otherwise just leave it in junk.

So, if you accidentally delete a junk mail, you cannot recover it???

If you drag it into trash, it remains in the trash. If you delete it from junk, yes it is gone forever.

Ok, thanks.
Interestingly, Hotmail does not behave like this. I thought eM Client would behave the same way.

I think they chose to follow the gmail standards.  In gmail (web client), it doesn’t even give me an option to send junk to trash.  Only “delete forever”.

would love a setting for this - it just stung me.

I dunno dma2112. Could that lead to an undelete option for trash also?

Is there a button “Move to Trash”? That would help in deleting junk mail to trash.
So, if accidentally someone deleted the junk mail, at least it can be found in trash. Now, if you delete a junk mail, it’s gone forever.

Hello BA,

unfortunately, there is no such button/settings option yet as it is by default meant to delete the junk permanently. I can change the topic to Idea and create a feature request for it so other users can vote for this feature.



I dont want the junk mail to get deleted permanently. I just want that when I delete it, it goes to trash instead of disappearing completely.

And strangely enough, dragging the junk email to the trash now also permanently deletes the email as well (version 7.1.31849)

Russel - apologies for piling on to this chain but I can’t find a way to reach an eM Client employee. I noticed today that some of my local folders and the emails they contain are missing. It’s a email account (imap). I move the emails into local folders in eM Client so they’ve been deleted from the cox web client. I received no error messages. Is there way I can recover the missing folders and the emails stored in them?

Hello Sandy,

in order not to mix two issues together in this thread, send me please an email to

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Just to make sure,

Do you mean deleting the Junk email from the Junk folder or from Inbox folder?

Jay: I just checked it and the action moved the mail to the Trash folder but after few seconds (sync) it got deleted permanently. So I think in the case of Gmail it is a server setting. I will check the Gmail webmail settings for a possible change.


I sent you an email Russel. Thank you.

Has there been anything figured out on this?  I just started using emclient after the recent outlook update.  I purposely send every single email I get to the junk folder, then manually sort them to make sure I do not miss something important.  I just accidentally deleted an email, only to find out that none of my deleted mail is going to the trash can and has all been permanently deleted.  This is very frustrating as I now have a month’s worth of deleted mail that I can no longer go back and search through to verify I am not missing anything before I empty the trash.  Can we have an option to send Junk mail to trash rather than permanently deleting them?

Well . . . that is not the way to use the Junk or Trash folders. You may have better luck using them as intended and then there will be no surprises.

The Junk folder is meant for messages that are Junk, not a temporary catchall to be sorted later. You specify certain addresses or domains that will automatically go to that folder rather than having all your message go there to be sorted. The Junk folder also has special properties like it is excluded from conversations. As it is a kind of Trash folder, deleting messages in there is a permanent action the same as deleting messages from Trash.

Maybe you could create another folder for your purpose rather than using the Junk folder for temporary filing of messages. That way the developers don’t have to change intended behavior. 

For me it is what works best.  I get anywhere from 300-700 emails a day having had the same email address since 1998.  Common emails are filtered where they need to go automatically, but when dealing with the volume of email that I do, there are always going to be emails from new senders that will be in the Junk Mail folder.  Outlook has always put my mail in the Trash when I delete it, so if I accidentally deleted one, or perhaps missed one I can go back and search through them. 
In looking in these forums, it seems numerous people have had the same issue with this as I have.  I would think it should be a simple feature request in the program settings to allow the user to decide where it would like the deleted emails to go.  Every other mail client I have used puts deleted mail (regardless of folder, ie Junk) into the trash.  When I am not at my computer, I use the mail app on my phone and it even works this way. 
If having all mail that is not my normal day to day email that I have filtered sent to the Junk mail folder is not the way to use the Junk folder, then why has Outlook had the option to Send all mail to Junk folder in their settings for years? The point is every one has their own preferences in how they use their email even if it is different from the way you use it.  It has worked perfectly for me for years. I find it better to have every bit of it sent to one folder.  Most email programs always tend to let “good” emails wind up in the Junk folder and “junk” wind up in the Inbox.  I prefer to sort it my self so I can decide what is legitimate and what is not.

My suggestion is that you use MS Outlook if it was working for you. eM Client is not a clone of MS Outlook, so some of the features you had there are not here. There are also some features in eM Client that you will not find in MS Outlook. If you are looking for a messaging client that is more configurable, you might want to consider something like Thunderbird, where you can install user created addons to do almost anything. 

But in eM Client it seems that the intended behavior of deleting messages from the Junk folder is the same as deleting messages from the Trash. It is a permanent action.

This idea thread is not currently under consideration - maybe because in the past 2 years it has only received 1 vote. :wink: