Deleted contact email names do show up when making new email

I have deleted some contacts with old or invalid email addresses.
But when I make a new email and search for the contact email address the old(er) ones do show up again.
This is very frustating because one has to remember which address is valid.
Please can this behavior be corrected soon?

Thanks in advance.

In version 9.2 we offer suggestions from your contacts, from the Recipients History, and from older sent messages.

You can change the options for the last two in your settings. Clear or disable the Recipients History, and disable suggestions from Sent messages.

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Thanks Gary for your prompt reply.
I will first update to the latest version 9.2
Thanks again.

If you are using an older version, there is still the Recipients History, but not the suggestions from Sent messages. So you can still clear the recipients history or disable it.