Delete Older Emails by Filter

Is there a way to set expiration time frame for emails in specific folders. In Thunderbird I would automatically move all sale-emails to a folder called same and then delete those older than 30 days. Is there a way to accomplish this with all my folders, expiration by criteria set?

eM Client has an Automatic Archive feature that will move messages based on age, but the folder selection is limited to Inbox, Inbox and subfolders, or all folders.

See Menu > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving. It moves messages from the IMAP folders to local folders, but does not delete them.

Rules, which perform a similar function to filters in Thunderbird, do not have an age criteria because they are designed to act on messages only as they are received.

If your email account is setup as IMAP, your provider may have a function like this. I use GMX and I can specify different retention times per folder using the web interface.

I think you answered my question but just to be sure, I have my email server to delete my emails after they are downloaded and after so many days. I have my inbox set up to move some of my incoming emails to predetermined folders. Many of my folders I have setup to delete emails after they are a certain age, say 30 days. This way I only have to manage my inbox, deleting emails I feel appropriate. My trash folder also automatically deletes with certain Retention Policy of 21 days, This all makes it easier to manage by putting things where I can find them and purging emails automatically with predetermined logic that I have set up. My Inbox i have to delete emails that are left manually.

Seems you are using POP3. My suggestion above about setting the retention on the server is for IMAP, not POP3.

Though the rest of your comment seems like you are using IMAP.

Which are you using?

What is different if my server uses IMAP not POP3 at to the way I set things up in eM Client?

POP3 stores your messages on your computer, generally removing the message from the server afterwards.

IMAP stores your messages on a server. IMAP is best when you have multiple devices connecting to the same email account, so when you mark something as read on one device, it will automatically be the same on another device.