Default Calendar Reminder

I see the default reminder setting has been added with the eMC 6 update. However, I cannot get a default reminder to stick. I’ve test both native eMC calendars and Google calendars. Regardless of what I set “no reminder” is returned as the default.


Many thanks.

Hi, what calendar service provider do you use and can you make screenshot of this issue and post it here?
Does this happen only for this or for all your accounts?

Happens with both my Google Calendars and those created in EMClient.

Happens on all accounts.

A note to add:
The automatic reminder does appear on my phone and in the Google Calendar app. The only place the auto reminder is not taking hold is in the EM Client program itself.

This issue should be resolved in newest version… but it looks like some of the events can’t be dismissed, so far best solution is to delete those events and create them from fresh.


Much appreciated. Thanks.

you are welcome, but can you tell me if it has solved your issue or you are still receiving undismisable events?


I am using version 6.19861.0 and I don’t see a way to set the default meeting reminder. I really need this functionality as I create meetings very frequently throughout the day.

Sometimes I have been late to a meeting due to a lack of a default setting!

Hi, you should be able to do so by right clicking the folder, select properties and change the default reminder.

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How are reminders shown on my PC?

In the notification settings the only option for reminders is under default settings is audio; pop up window or notification icon is not available. Is there a way to make them available for reminders?

Hi, no this is not possible since the Reminder window is shown by default, it’s only shown on the top when eM Client is ‘active’, if you’re using a different application in the mean time it might be hidden under that window.

Notification should be shown in the task bar or you might be able to see the application’s icon glowing as well.

Thank you, hope this helps,

Are you saying that notification is shown in the task bar? I can’t set the notifications for reminders to anything except audio reminder.

Hi, yes as I mentioned this is set by default, an icon should be flashing in the taskbar when you’re being reminded for an event etc.

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In 6.0.20310 i can’t set default remainder to none permantly

At new startup come back “start of event”
There is some fix or workaround ? , remainder for any new appointment is very noise


Hi Luca,
did this work for you before the upgrade? How did youo create the event, by drag on the calendar or did you select new in the left corner?

Thank you for clearing this up,

yes before upgrade no problem
i create event by double click on calendar, but by menu is the same
however the problem is : if hai set none reminder in calendar properties
and create a new event it’s ok , without reminder
but when i close emclient , at first startup , setting come back default reminder “at start of event”

Hi again Luca, sorry for my belated reply,
yes this really occurs in eM Client as you mentioned, I’m forwarding this issue to the developers and hopefully will see an improvement in future releases.

Thank you for pointing this out to us, 

Thank you for confirm that occurs in emclient , due google, ipad cal and galaxy cal involved was not easy find the issue origin. Pls can you give me a link for not affected version in meantime new release coming ? Beep for every task get me to crazy :slight_smile:

Hi again Luca, I’m not completely sure whether there even is such a version, do you remember if you were previously using a version which wasn’t included with this bug? If so do you remember when you were using it/what version was it?

Here you can download all the previous versions of eM Client (, but in order to install an older version you have to uninstall the current one, so it might be a bit tricky to get to the point where the bug is not implemented.

I’d recommend using the current setup and wait for the new release, this should be fixed in a next minor update.

Thank you for understanding,