Declare a certain alias address as the standard sender address

Hello together,
sorry, but my English is not very good. I hope you can understand my description:

We are looking for a replacement for normal Outlook, i.e. a local e-mail client for IMAP and POP3 accounts. Calendar and address books should be synchronized with Synology Calendar and Synology Contacts via CalDAV / CardDAV.

When configuring the accounts and aliases in eM Client we have the following problems:

A normal mailbox was created with our provider: imap@…
The provider has created the following alias addresses for this mailbox:
alias1@… | alias2@… | alias3@… | alias4@… | etc.

In eM Client:
IMAP mailbox with multiple alias addresses. Example:
P.O. Box: imap@…
Alias: alias1@… | alias2@… | alias3@… | alias4@… | etc.
alias1@… should in future be the standard sender address in eM Client.
Unfortunately I am unable to configure it that way.

Alternatively, I deleted this alias and instead created a POP account in eM Client:
POP email: alias1@…
User: imap@…
Password: is the same as the password of imap@…
Now I can set the account alias1@… as the default. As a result, eM Client also uses this account as the standard sender account.
But this has the big disadvantage that this POP account also picks up all mails (so I get all mails twice => once via the IMAP and a second time via the POP account).

So that the POP account does not pick up any e-mails, I have disabled POP3 in the account settings under “General / Services”. The account will then be hidden in the “E-Mail Explorer view”. At the same time, the assignment “Standard Account” is apparently deleted in the background, so that eM Client now uses the email address of the IMAP account as the standard sender address again.

Therefore I have now deleted the POP account for this alias and instead created an IMAP account with this alias. Unfortunately, the problems are the same as described for the POP account.

We are three families who would love to say goodbye to Outlook. We can’t believe that eM Client has some same weaknesses as Outlook in the area of ​​account and alias management. We’re sure we’re doing something wrong, right?

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This has been discussed ad-nauseum on this forum. Why start a new thread chewing the same thing again?

The purpose of an alias is NOT a default address.

Hello gary,

I’m sorry, but even after a long search I haven’t found this topic here in the forum. Otherwise I wouldn’t have started a new thread :wink:

It may well be that this is not the typical use case, BUT we always have a PO box address in our e-mail management that is not published. This is then assigned several alias addresses, one of which is the standard sender address. This has the great advantage that you can e.g. B. In the case of too much spam, you do not have to delete the entire mailbox, but only the affected alias.

There are mail apps, especially for smartphones, that map this without any problems.
Where is it regulated that an alias should not be a standard address and who makes these rules?

If this topic has already been asked frequently here in the forum, there seems to be a greater need for this request.

No, it is simply a misunderstanding of what an alias is. If you want to primarily send from the “alias” address, then all you need do is setup the account with that “alias” address as the from address.

The most common thread where this is discussed is at Setting an alias as default...

But this search should list most of them: Search results for ‘set alias as default’

Please excuse my late reply. This is not my style.
Thank you for your advice! As a result, I completely reorganized our e-mail organization. That took some time. But I can handle the alias addresses now. So my request is done.
Best regards!