Setting an alias as default...

Is it possible to set an alias address as the default sending address? I am recommending eMclient for all my users who use Gmail and who are unhappy with the Gmail interface so this facility would be paramount in retaining them.

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible, but if you have the alias setup under your account it should automatically assign as the “from” address when replying to an email sent to the alias.
To make the alias a default email, you would have to setup the alias as another account.

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I understand Paul the assignment of the correct address when replying which works very well. So far this is the best email client I have found for Gmail. I have lots of clients who complain about the Gmail interface and this fits the bill almost perfectly. Many of my users will open a Gmail account to manage many accounts but still want to use their own personalised account as the default not the Gmail account. Could this be a feature for the paid version? It would make this app the perfect client for Gmail with it’s superb integration of calendars and tasks. Ah … then there’s conversation mode… but I’ll leave that for another day to make it even more perfect. :slight_smile:

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thank you for the suggestion and I’m glad you like the application so far, we’ll consider adding this feature to future releases of eM Client.

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Many folks, including myself, have asked if this simple task can be performed “setting an alias as default” and the common answer from tech support is “it’s not possible”. May I ask specifically WHY it is not possible? It is a highly requested feature that seems to have a simple solution. Unless I’m missing the technological challenges I can see no reason why EM Client wouldn’t want to satisfy their clients feature requests.

That’s basically the same question why it isn’t yet possible to add a MRU (most recently used) list to the context menu item when moving messages to certain folders. I really miss this feature from Thunderbird and I’m be pretty sure it would not take many resources to implement this. I’ve done this many times myself in some of my own programs.

And to come back to your request: I’ve got about 200 aliases, yes that much because when registering a piece of software or at a new website, I always create an alias for this matter and add it to my real account (when receiving spam on one of them I simply can delete the alias address).
Now, when it comes to composing a new message, I choose one of those aliases and guess what? The list is so big that I’ve got to scroll up and down to find the appropriate alias. It would be a perfect addition to emClient if they would add a search-as-you-type feature to this list. It would be even better if this list is sorted alphabetically. If the list could be grouped by the main account and list their aliases below this would be terrific! OK - I was just dreaming…

Btw, the default aliases should be account based. This way each account can have its individual default alias. Even better would be an alias for each folder like many Thunderbird add-ons offer - but this would probably too much.


Has this been implemented yet?

I habitually use my ISP mail account for all outgoing mail (it’s faster), but I don’t usually want replies sent back there.  Instead, by default I want them aliased to my other account.

I shouldn’t have to change this on every new email I create, there’s way too much potential for accidentally forgetting it.

Please allow an alias to be the default address for an account!

I’m brand new to eMClient. I’m trying it as an alternative to Thunderbird. Virtually the first feature I looked for was a replacement for the ‘reply-to’ function. ‘Alias’ almost does it but what I want, just LIKE the other correspondents in this thread, is the ability to flag an alias as a default.

Is it now possible? If not, will it become available? If not, is there some reason for this?

Ever in hope.


I don’t see a way to turn this on so I’m guessing it’s still not possible. Here’s my vote to make it so.

I don’t see that ever changing as an alias is not really meant to be the default sending address, just a sometimes other address to use. Or, it really has a cool function in that any messages sent to that alias, use that as the sender address when replying.

Rather setup your account with that address as the main one and have the current one as an alias. :wink:

Gary, that’s all very well if you want to use the same account to both send and receive, but if you want your default setting to send via one account but use a different account as the Reply address (e.g. you want to use your ISP to send out mail, but receive replies in your business email inbox), you NEED an alias to be your default setting.

You ISP has nothing to do with whatever email address you use.

No, but they usually give you a bundled email service.  What I meant was that you might want to use that to send outgoing mail (via, but receive replies on an unrelated email address.  I do this myself, because large emails send much faster over my ISP’s SMTP server than over my main email account that has the address I want people to reply to.  (This can be especially important e.g. if you want to send an email quickly and then put your computer to sleep).  …But the general point is that you may want to send via a different email service you receive on, and currently you have to remember to manually switch aliases on EVERY email you send, in order to do this.  There needs to be a way of making it the default.

You are referring to the reply-to address. You send on one address and receive the reply on another. That has nothing to do with either your ISP or an alias.

BTW an alias does not send using a different service. It uses the same SMTP server as the parent email account. Depending on the provider, and if an alias is setup on the server or not, the alias can become the reply-to address.

But, there is a solution. If your ISP allows relaying, this works just fine. If they don’t, then the alias does not work anyway as all you get is a work email that the receiver sees as coming from your personal address.

Setup your ISP email account then change the User Information to your work email address. Add your ISP email as the alias. Now all messages you send will come from your work address, (so that is the same as setting the alias as default) and if you want to send from your personal address, use the alias.

Hmm, it hadn’t occurred to me that I could set up the account information using an unrelated email address (as shown above) and still have it work correctly.  I might do that - it’ll do what I want for messages I create in my ISP mail folder (though it’s kind of an awkward hack, to be honest, since you’re deliberately putting wrong account information into the account settings).

But there’s still a problem:  if I remember right, eM client uses the default address _for the current account folder_.  So if I’m in my “work” folder when I click “New Email”, or if I reply to an email sent to my work address (which is nearly all of them, by intention), it’ll still default to sending via the work SMTP server, not via my ISP one.  What I want to be able to do is have the “” alias for “” be the default sender for email sent/replied from the “work” account also (actually in my case I just want it as the global default so all outgoing email is sent through my ISP’s SMTP, but other people may have more granular per-account needs).  It’s been a while since I played with it, but I believe you’d need the ability to set an alias as the default address for an account in order to do this.  And I think it’s not an uncommon thing to want to do, either!

Not a hack at all. The login name does not have to be the same as the email address. Usually that is so just so it is easier to manage the account, but not necessary. The login name does not even have to be an email address.

When creating a new message, eM Client uses the email address for whichever account folder you are in, or if you are in Local Folders, it uses the default account. Whichever account that is, it will use the SMTP settings you have supplied in the account settings. If you specify your work account to use the ISP SMTP, it will do that. That is the whole point of my screenshot above!!

The exception to this is when replying to a message. In that case eM Client will match the address the message was sent to with an account or alias in your account settings. Then it will use that address to send the reply regardless of which folder it is in.

Just get over it already. You cannot use an alias as a default SMTP address. That is not it’s function.

Perhaps 97% of the emails I send are replies to previous emails (vs composing new ones from scratch).  So your exception is actually my 97% use-case.

I call it a “hack”, because to me, the account settings should always contain _correct_ information for the account, and if I want different behavior for SMTP, there should be a _separate_ way to specify that, rather than jiggering with the account settings.  (I’m a programmer, so I’m sensitive to issues like this; doing what you suggest could (a) break future functionality, and (b) means the real account settings need to be written down separately elsewhere, with a note saying how & why the eM client settings don’t match them… it’s very ugly).

If I were to change the SMTP part of my work account settings so that it sent via my ISP instead, I wouldn’t have the fallback of easily switching back to my work SMTP if (say) my ISP’s SMTP server suddenly went down for a few hours.  So it’s not an elegant or flexible solution, it actually decreases functionality.

But I can’t do it in any case:  My work email happens to be on an Exchange Server (not IMAP or POP3), and for this server type there’s no separate  SMTP settings tab (or anything separating incoming and outgoing mail settings).  The only way for me to achieve what I want is via using an alias for my ISP account.  Being able to set it as the default sender is functionality that is clearly useful, simple, and missing from eM client at the moment.

I would “get over it already” if I were the only person who had brought this up, but it’s a very simple thing (changing the default in a single drop-down) that lots of other people have asked for (I’m not the OP here), so I’m not sure why it’s meeting such resistance from you.

As a Pro License user, please address any further questions to eM Client Support by opening a Support Ticket directly with them.

Before you get involved with eM Client Support, one last comment from me, and then they can explain the facts to you.

You said that what you meant was that you might want to use your ISP account to send outgoing mail (via, but receive replies on an unrelated email address. So I explained how to do that by using your ISP account to send with your work email address. In you latest reply you now say that you can’t do that anyway because your are using Exchange for work. My solution was to use your ISP SMTP NOT your work Exchange.

I setup one account like that using the ISP to send, but using another email address. Works a charm.