Data base repair tool

I want to be able to run the data base repair tool (the prog that runs when emclient is not shutdown correctly) when I want to. Where is it located and what is the name.



Its “supposed” to be in the programfiles(x86)/Emclient folder but I have not found it either. Perhaps it was part of V7 and was taken out in V8…

It is no longer a separate executable, but the application will run the repair mode automatically if it detects an error in the database.

I see also you can manually do a repair (without opening EM Client) if you re-run (the same version) as what you have installed eg: (emclient-vx.msi) setup for Windows from the EMC Release History page, you get the option to “Repair” as per example below.


That is a repair of the installation, not the database.

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If you really want to run it manually, with eM Client closed, use this command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe" /dbrepair


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