Dark Mode view for HTML message body?

Outlook has come out with a true Dark Mode that displays even a message body in HTML in a reverse contrast view (white text on black background). Yes, some of the graphics are not as sharp for imagery as if left in the normal view, but to these old eyes, it’s gold. I just can’t handle the glare of a white screen anymore. Is eM Client working on this? The default dark mode works great, except for HTML emails.

Before someone says it, I’ve tried the text only view, but due to work considerations, I sometimes get HTML that I need to view in the original.

Secondarily, if this is a bridge too far, how about a button on the tool bar that will allow the user to quickly switch from a plain text view to HTML (or as the sender sent it) view.

Am I the only one who would like to see this?



I second this request! I am often getting emails where the text does not convert to Dark Mode well - and it is impossible to read. It is really making Dark Mode difficult to use until all of the views are fixed correctly.

I’m going to bump this and ask the question again. I just don’t see how Microsoft, who always lags behind (seemingly) is ahead of everybody else in this.

eM Client:

This applies only to HTML email, of course. eM Client suppprt, if you’re reading this, PLEASE?

Side note: My Outlook is for work only, hence the two clients. I’d love to ditch Thunderbird, which sends out an update just about every other day. Every time I’ve got it configured the way I want it with the “add-ons” I like, they update it and the add-ons are no longer functional. As an “older” guy, the dark mode message body is much easier on my eyes.

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I am not a fan of dark themes, but coincidentally yesterday I was looking through themes and enabled the dark theme to see how this issue had progressed. I was surprised to see that in messages like the one you have shown above from Google, the background does now appear dark.

I am using an internal 8.1 build, so maybe that is why it is different.

Some Mails are displayed with dark background, some not. Here is a example of a simple status mail.

If you send me the message (right-click > Forward as attachment) I will see how it looks under the latest internal build.

Thanks for the email Frank. As you can see, it has been corrected in the upcoming 8.1 release. :wink:


Yeah, so we just have to wait. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks Frank2342 and Gary! Finally some good news! Any ETA on the 8.1 release?

Conversely, need any BETA testing help?

Looking forward to EMC V8.1 update to fix the annoying dark theme email body problem.


Last night, I was prompted by an EMC pop-up to update to v8.1.876, which I did and then went to bed. Got up this morning to discover that ALL of my emails, even HTML, we now in a true dark mode! Christmas came early!

Playing around with the settings, you can still set the view to preferred colors for mail, which I like a complete black background and white text, but if you check the box to use the theme colors under SETTINGS|MAIL|READ|PREFERRED STYLE, then it gives you more of an Outlook O365 look of very a dark gray or “light” black background and whitish text. Still works very well and exactly what I was asking for.

eM Client - if you happen to read this, thank you. You’ve made at least one paying customer very happy.

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This is great! Is there the option to toggle between light & dark within the message (as Outlook has)? Sometimes emails just don’t appear right, or very readable in dark mode (ie. colour of the font in the message etc).

No, there is no option like that.

In the upcoming 8.2 there is an option to change between HTML and Plain text when viewing the message (rather than going into Settings and changing the option). This will make it much easier to read when using the Dark Theme where the message has specified dark text.

@Gary I would like to see that functionality in emClient too!!! Please…

Right-click on the message body of the message you are viewing and choose Format > Plaintext. I understand that there will be better options in 8.3 in this regard.

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If i right click and choose format / plain text for those HTML emails that just are not really readable in the built-in Dark theme like the eg: (Google Play receipt), is there a way to permanently keep those specific emails as plain text ? I do like the Dark theme built-in background, but sometimes need plain text for specific emails.

I see if you change and email to Plain Text and then go to another email and come back again, the original email reverts back to HTML again. So be nice if a specific email could remember the format you choose.

I would love to see such feature as well. This is perfect in Outlook to quickly toggle for those messages that don’t render well in dark theme.

Soolved in in v9!!! Thank you emClient​:+1:t2::clap:t2:

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Hey - I’ve downloaded v9 Pro but I have no light/dark mode options such as displayed here (or in the release notes). What am I missing - I cannot find a setting that enables this, but it’s not beyond a possibility that I just missed it.


This is an option that is visible when you are using the Dark Theme. It allows you to temporarily switch just that message to light mode so you can see content that might otherwise not be easy to read.