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Richard; while I am with you on this, I think that you might be overlooking how many other customers/users there are who aren’t complaining about the toolbar and how many other issues or improvements there may be to be addressed. You and I are power users and eM Client looks like a good one for people like us if they can fill it out a bit more. But fixing ongoing connection problems and getting a few other issues ironed out might reasonably take priority over customization.

Everybody has their favorite issues. Putting one of our pet peeves down the list dosn’t mean that they are ignoring all customers.

And frankly, I’m a free user (so far) so I can’t complain with much indignity!

"as for that public list of features to vote that will be done, until there is other way just add +1 to every topic with feature request on this forum that people want. "

I, for one, am going to vote by not purchasing any more licenses.

Actually, this is not a high priority for me at all. I purchased the product with the knowledge it lacked this functionality. The bigger issue is the horrible customer service from eM Client. (If I could only vote for one feature, this wouldn’t be it.)

But the fact that I can’t vote and there is no transparency to what people are really asking for leaves eM Client with the typical “sorry but we simply cannot comply to all our customers our users” response.

Again, the only thing I can reasonably do it simply not purchase any more license.


We are watching ALL threads and count of people requesting this and that feature/s.
We focus primary on needs/requests of Majority, after that we can invest time to less requested features.

As I have written we are currently planning to change toolbar, that is why we don’t invest our time into this.


"toolbar customization is not planned in viewable time horizon. "

“we are currently planning to change toolbar, that is why we don’t invest our time into this”

not sure what I am reading

You are reading that we are reworking design of tool bar and that we will not implement customization in close future.


I can see your point, Richard. I am still unsure as to whether actually buy a license or not.

well. does the “reworking” include more advanced costomization features, then?
what you say is a littly cryptic …
maybe there is a misunderstanding here…

Sorry Martin, I missed your earlier question regarding the connection issue…

I do get that red triangle, but eM Client also pops up an “Operations” dialog box with several tabs and error messages. The options are: Ignore and Hide.

As other people have posted, what’s the point of this and how can we make it NOT show. (I want a setting to disable this from ever showing since it’s useless and nothing we can actually do to fix the issue. I would rate that request higher than a customizable toolbar.)

But even worse, I now realize that “something” happens in eM Client, so even though I am getting some mail message, I’m not getting all my mail. So now, when I get that annoying popup, I close eM Client so I can get all the mail it’s missed. I have to do this muliple times a day.

Getting all my mail shouldn’t be a “feature” request, this is the kind of thing that should just work. As I’ve said earlier though, I’m done asking for features or giving feedback to eM Client as it’s obvious they really do not care about customer comments. I have yet to see anything actually done. (I’m actually wondering now if they are still developing the product. Maybe we get these cryptic answers because they don’t have a devlopment staff? Honestly, I wonder what’s going on with them.)

My suggestion to you would be to use the free version for a while and make sure it really works. I know my problem isn’t unique as I’ve seen the same problems already reported.

As I said earlier, my wife no longer uses eM Client at all, and she was the main reason I bought our licenses. She went back to Outlook.

Hi Richard,
please realize that the red exclamation mark indicates that you were disconnected from the server - we really cannot affect it. You should get all your messages right after eM Client connects again. This depends on the synchronization interval you have set in the Tools - Settings (option “Synchronize items every XX minutes”).
We are very sorry that you encounter such problems and that you lost faith in eM Client. I can assure you that our application is still under development and hope you will give us second chance in the future. We are currently finishing version 6 which will contain lot of new features and we also plan change UI (support Touch mode).

“You should get all your messages right after eM Client connects again.”
That’s great George and I agree, it “should”.

But, this isn’t the message I’m referring to. As I already stated, I’m referring to the popup “Operations” dialog box. After I get that dialog box, I know not to trust eM Client. (I’m not exactly sure, but I don’t think I’ve seen the problem without the dialog showing first. Meaning if I just randomly close eM Client during the day, restarting doesn’t brings down missed messages. I’ve only seen missed messages after that dialog is shown. So whatever issue triggers displaying the Operations dialog doesn’t seem to clear correctly.)

I’ll explain more:
I always leave eM Client running as I don’t turn off my computer. The way I realized this was happening was thanks to my phone. Email is critical for my business as that’s how I communicate with clients, so I always check email when I get up in the morning. Last week, I was at the mall waiting and I checked email on my phone. I had 53 unread emails! As I scrolled through, they emails from the previous day that I had never seen, several emails from clients that I had expected. When I got home, I checked eM Client again and still it didn’t show. I hit the refresh (which is set to every 5 minutes anyway) but nothing. So I closed and restarted. Boom, then all those old emails came through.

This has not been a one-time occurrence, it happens daily. (This btw, is the reason my wife stopped using eM Client altogether so it’s not happening on just my computer.) Now that I’m aware of this, I know when I hear an email on my phone but don’t see it in eM Client, it’s time to restart.

As far as version six goes, you have until my license expires to actually fix this problem. Since I’ve already read other people having issues, I know I’m not alone.

Martin- they will be changing the toolbar. The new look will satisfy those who work at eM Client but most likely not you or me. It is a common theme with eM Client- we hope you like our product and they way the GUI is designed…if not, well, that’s just too bad for you.

That’s just what happened to me acouple of times.
Since I am fairly new to EMClient, I always suspected that something with the connection settings so I checked them again and again.

But for me it’s the same: I hear the sound on the phone and mostly, the email comes through in a matter oof seconds on EMClient. But not always.

Since the mails got there in the end, the issue got carried away with the myriads of things to be done every day. But reading your very accurate description matching mine so closely makes me think once again.

What’s the use of a mail client when its not reliable?

If you find a better email client, please let me know. I’ll switch in a heartbeat if I can find something better. Unfortunately, I just haven’t found anything better for Windows. (I’m actually thinking of switching to Linux.)

I already own Office Professional but Outlook doesn’t play well with GMail and we have 3 domains using Google Apps for Business. I have a list of Windows based email clients and almost went with a different client, and would have had I known about these connection issues. It’s really too bad, eM Client could be so great, if they just cared about customer feedback. (You’d think they’d be all over this issue with not getting emails, but sadly, they don’t seem to care as I’m not the first to report it.)

Being able to change the order and layout of the toolbar is a big usability boost. I also noticed that there are some toolbar buttons that appear in the toolbar when a message is opened in a separate window that do not appear when I click to open the message in the right pane. This should be consistent.

Great application. Loving it.

This is pretty important. Everyone would rather put the icons they use in the toolbar vs a set that eM thinks is important.

@ George
Unfortunately, we did not implement it yet because of lot of other scheduled features with higher priority.

Is there a road map I can look at to see what these higher priority features are? I am curious as to what is more important.


not this is not planned now as we focus on reworking toolbar completely, it will be most likely implemented in future but now majority our customers and users does not think of this as a problem.