customize toolbar

How do I customize the icons / toolbar?

I am sorry, currently we don’t support toolbar customization? What changes you would like to do?

I would like to have the toolbar adjustable for larger fonts, just like I can adjust font size in the body of messages and in the labels “From”, Subject …

What about setting system wide large fonts?

I also would like to see a customizable toolbar in the main application window as well as the message composition window. For example, I don’t need the Meeting button in the compose window, and I’d prefer to have text under buttons in the main window toolbar with larger icons above the text. Being able to add/remove any of the menu options to the toolbar as buttons would be desirable in both the main and composition windows.

My situation is this: the computer is shared with a 98 year old woman who needs her email. She is not so vision impaired that she can use the Microsoft Windows aids. What I need to do for her is set up things to be easy. In a large font she needs to see New, Reply, Forward, Delete and that is it. She gets confused if there is more. The other menu - File Edit View Actions and so forth she can do without.

At the moment we are using an application called DreamMail that allows some customization, but it does not work as well as I would like it to for a variety of reasons.

More customization of the interface. Not just a color here or there, or a small range of type size, or “themes”.

thank you for suggestion. We added it to our todo list and we will consider the implementation of this functionality. It depends on the number of customers, who will require this feature. We will communicate a decision to you as soon as possible.

Best regards,

George WIlson

Yes, surprising it does not offer toolbar customization. Among other things I would like to place my categorization flags and “mark as read/unread” on the toolbar as buttons. It would make one more productive.

If I had the possibility to edit the toolbars;
I would remove ‘Reply All’, ‘Move to Junk’, ‘invite to…’ buttons and add
‘Set as Unread’ button.
In ‘New message’ window, I would add ‘Save’ , ‘Request Read receipt’,
‘HTML/Text Mode’, ‘Spell Checker language’ buttons.
I would move the ‘From’ field to the most left, and remove all other buttons
except ‘Signature’.
A sidebar for signatures and text templates would be great. i will add it as a
new idea message…

I am sure people are ready to drop outlook only to get rid of the ribbon and go back to a reasonable customizable toolbar, and you miss out on this? I don’t get it… Is this to promote your IM client?

I’d pay for this software if it had a customizable toolbar. As it is, I’m not even trying it.

I couldn’t agree more with everyone here - I think that a customisable toolbar is an absolute necessity. Every serious app these days lets you amend the toolbar to whatever works best for you. I love EMClient - seriously great app, guys - but please, please, please give us a customisable toolbar !

Agreed and wanting to customize and develop to make my use of eM more efficient. e.g., creating add-ins (similar to Outlook) to more quickly flag an item for review and by whom.


This went on the Todo 10 months ago, how close is it to being released?

I too would like to know how this feature is progressing?

I agree with the earlier comments: this is such a basic feature to any Windows app, it surprised me that I couldn’t do it.

Take a look at PostBox, they did an excellent job implementing this feature.

Heck, your developers should just buy a standard “toolbar” library and not re-invent the wheel. Toolbars are not new technology.

Unfortunately, we did not implement it yet because of lot of other scheduled features with higher priority.

Can you at least assure us that it will be implemented in the next release? If not, don’t you think that this thread should make you reconsider?

I can assure you that we will re-consider it, but I cannot promise you that it will be implemented in the next release.

I’d like to point out that even *Outlook Express* let’s you customize its menu bars to some extent.

3 years that this question has been asked and responses like that from George… I’m not holding my breath.

Yeah, the new version 5 features the same, static, unchangeable stupid toolbar.
It has become just weird at this point. I’m moving on to other software.