customize toolbar

I agree that having a customizable tool bar will take this product to the next level and be a real competitor to Outlook for those users who want a simpler Outlook. But being able to customize the tool bar is a must have in my opinion

Customisable toolbar would improve user experience quite a lot.

In case you are not planning to implement this in the near future, would you at least consider adding a ‘Mark all as read’ button or assigning a keyboard shortcut to this feature? Getting this done via the main menu is rather tedious…

You can mark all messages as read by Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Q.

Oh, I hadn’t realized that – silly me. Thanks!

to be honest the simple change of putting the buttons on the right side instead of the left side will make a big operational change since you are standing with the mouse above the message if the screen layout is “email message on the right”

also to have the buttons inside the top of the message would be nice - as Thunderbird

the addition of the buttons “mark read” and “mark unread” should be done also.

Thank you!! great software


I’d like something similar to Postbox, OE or IE, Firefox to choose the tools, make it larger, add spaces or move the buttons over. It’s one of the first (and only) things I noticed about the GUI that wasn’t right and couldn’t be adjusted in settings.

Please consider it part of a complete GUI.


I am sorry but toolbar customization is not planned in viewable time horizon.

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Wow you guys are incredible with this toolbar thing. I honestly don’t get it.

I’ll play the ribbon card again: people HATE the ribbon, BECAUSE they HATE not being able to properly customize and control screen real estate. Thunderbird is slowly dying and you have a chance to actually beat outlook here.

A fixed unsympathetic (should I say “fascist”?) toolbar it’s alone one good reason not to switch over to your client.

Agreed. Not a deal-killer for me, but one has to ask why this is so common in many programs and conspicuously absent here. Really that hard to implement? Or maybe things were originally programmed in such a way as to make it all manual adjustments at the base level.

Or maybe it’s a marketing decision. Usually the bad things about products come from marketing side.

I’m pretty sure it’s marketing to make sure the link to their IM thing is always visible.

My first thought too. Instead of a functional button front and center, there’s an ad. I respect the ad on free version, and suppose that if they could fix it there, we might get the rest customizable, but then that probably doubles the programming hassle. Oh well, it appear that a crappy fixed toolbar will remain one of the largest GUI issues with this software.

Leave the IM thing in place but allow the customer to modify the toolbar to his needs. Unless there is programming complexity beyond the scope of the developers, to not provide such customization is very disappointing.

Damn! How can that be?
I mean: Making the menu like I WANT IT TO WORK should be a thing of such basic nature. Everybody has a different workflow. Why should I be limited to whhat some programmer obviously has put some thought into - if it doesn’t work like I do?

I waste a lot of time using submenus with EMClient - which otherwiise is a great tool. Still pondering about whether to actually switch.Toolbar costomization would make the decision much easier

I thought that too Martin, so I bought two licenses a month ago and I regret it. There is a lot that I like about eMClient (obviously, that’s why I bought it), but now that I’ve been using it, I am so tired of the connection error dialog that continously pops up. Worse, I now realize that when it displays that message box, it means it’s missing email. So it’s showing 4 new emails, but in fact, 13 weren’t being shown. I now make it a habit to restart the client every time I see that message box, which is about 4 times a day.

The bigger picture is that obviously the company DOES NOT care about customer input. Look at all the examples. Someone else has already requested an option to not show those connection errors - but that has gone unanswered. Excuses.

As a software developer with over 17 years of experience on Windows, I can tell you - it is NOT that difficult to implement a customizable menu bar. It’s such an obvious issue in the UI, Marketing should be all over GETTING IT FIXED. (Imagine trying to sell the product with such a glaring issue.)

I can say, I will not be renewing my license next year. (My wife has already stopped using hers.)

hmmm …
that doesn’t sound too encouraging.
Can you elaborate on the “connection error” problem?

Are you talking about the little red sign popping up next to acccounts that I sometimes see?

I am really sorry to read this, but we are working on it now because we are planning to make toolbar completely reworked maybe for next version already.
Maybe sometime after this in the future but now it really is not our main priority.

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“but now it really is not our main priority”
It’s not your priority that matters; it should be your customers that matter.

That’s the problem with eMClient. Contrary to what you state, you don’t care about what the customers ask for. This request has been open for over 3 years and counting. Doesn’t that say a lot.

If eM Client really cared about customer suggestions, then why is there not a public list of the priorities so customers can vote? I’ve asked for this in the past and George promised it, but never heard from George again. (Which, unfortunately, is very typical.)

I also cannot understand this - there are so many people obviously asking for this feature. What is the problem?

The idea of letting customers vote for features seems like a sensible idea.
What about following this path?

there are features with much more requests that we are working on at this moment, I am sorry but we simply cannot comply to all our customers our users.

as for that public list of features to vote that will be done, until there is other way just add +1 to every topic with feature request on this forum that people want.

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