customize toolbar

Any plans on letting us customize the toolbar?
Reasons why?

  1. The buttons now are too small, sometimes I hit the wrong ones.
  2. I want the text below the buttons, just my gusto.
  3. Buttons I don’t need, that I want to get rid off: Print, Delete (very angry when accidentally pressed), invite to emClient (never ever used)
  4. Send&Receive belongs to the left of the button bar like in any other mail client software. I have no clue why you broke with this conventions

I’d like that too. And it would be nice to be able to Search Folder icons on it too.

Hi Jurgen, some users have already submitted this request, it is currently on a list of feature for consideration, so maybe in future releases.

Thank you for the suggestion,

Sorry, but “maybe” does not help.
Mails are important to me and my bussines.
No customize toolbar
Equals no to emCLient

Thank you for your input on this, all future features are implemented based on our users if the user feedback is sufficient for this feature we can consider adding it to future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Adding a couple of buttons to the toolbar would be nice: print, junk buttons to speed that up, others as we see fit to use.  This is an important feature in today’s world.  Tool bar customization isn’t new.

First thing might be to have an option to hide all toolbars, if not customize them. It’s been 3 years that I fall back to Thunderbird every time only because I can’t get rid of toolbars in eM – in spite of all the other wonderful features.

Hi Mel, thank you for the suggestion we’ll make sure to consider it for future releases.
Let us know if you come across any other questions, issues or ideas, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Sorry, guys,
just moved back to Outlook 2013

Hi Jurgen, sorry to hear that, let us know if you have any other questions or issues if you ever come back to eM client.


Sadly, I am in the boat.  eMclient is a very good product:

  1. Repair is very efficient

  2. Nice interface

  3. Very rapid support response on bugs

  4. Seamless with exchange - this is great!

  5. Smart folders are slick

  6. Nice email signatures
    But, it is not mature and needs much more before I can commit to it.  See if any of this helps:

  7. No summary view

  8. Cannot force selection of outgoing account (must have a default) - this can lead to mistakes by some of us

  9. Limited functionality with Smart folders. - Empty trash/junk

  10. Ctrl-A/Shift-Del used instead of empty folder because of functionality missing in Smart Folders.  Should confirm since it is essentially emptying folder. - This is kind of a deal breaker sicne it can also lead to mistakes

  11. Mail folders don’t have option to show “total count” as opposed to “unread count” 

  12. Auto correct - a few features like capitalization and specified replacements maybe some automatic spelling fixes

  13. Thesaurus

  14. Add to contacts from email does not fill in the “file as” field - bug reported - Fixed

  15. i still find that sometimes it fills in First-Last instead of directory style making searches weird and requiring manual correction

  16. Can’t customize tool bar

  17. Biz card view:  Deal-breaker

  18. No additional fields - can’t resize these and they don’t show enough information

  19. No choice of “file-as” other than one in the settings that changes them all and doesn’t include company fields

  20. Reply/forward in-line replies not effectively differentiated from the original message   Deal breaker

  21. Reply - tried to set my own color but you have to pick from drop-down every time.  The Button (right nex to the drop-down) doesn’t work as expected.  I’m not sure what it does.

  22. Size reporting wrong on Transcend account with attachments - I realize I never finished helping you debug this but it isn’t a major objection, just a small bug.

  23. Can’t attach a reminder/alarm to a flag.  Deal breaker

  24. Additional editing capabilities would be nice.  Don’t need a word processor but capitalization, some spacing control.
    I hope I have helped  out here.  I really like the product it’s just not ready for prime time yet.  it’s on it’s way and I will try again later.  in the meantime, my search continues.

Thanks for all your help.

I was also surprised that the menu bar isn’t customizable. I am on the fence about buying a new email client. My old one POCOMAIL is really on its last legs. Out of all the new email clients that I tried today (over the past 8 hours) em client seems the nicest, BUT the exclusion of customizing the interface is kind of absurd.  I might now have to get a lesser email client simply because of lack of customization of EM CLIENT. Quite sad. I mean INVITE TO EM CLIENT? REALLY??? That alone is a deal breaker for a paid product.

Hi Paul,

The toolbar controls of DevExpress have built-in functionality for customization. Maybe you can have a look at them?

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll make sure to forward your thoughts to the developers.


I would like to be able to customize the toolbar as well. It seems that many many many users would like to as well. I understand that your “stock” reply is that you are thankful for the suggestion, but before I commit to purchase your product, I would like to know what kind of timetable you are following in regards to addressing user suggestions?

+1 for me, too.

Not a total deal breaker, but ability to customise toolbars is definitely very useful.

I give emclient high marks and recommended it to my father  who also likes it.

I just moved from Outlook 2013.  I manage 11 email accounts for various sites I host and emClient suits me fine.  I DO WANT THE ABILITY TO MARK ALL READ from the toolbar but that is my ONLY issue.

FYI, I gave up on Outlook 2013 because I found flags you as a possible pirate if you run Outlook 2013 with older Office Suite versions.  I had Office 2010 and I kept getting messages my legit software was suspect.

I was also frustrated with Thunderbird, which crashed a lot.  

Just my 2p.

I’m glad you like eM Client, Jeff!

Hi Jeff, I’m glad you like our application, do you know that you can mark all messages as read from the left sidebar, just right click any of your folders and the option “Mark all messages as read” should be included.
You should be able to do so for all folders including “All Inboxes”.

Also please let us know if you come across any questions or issues, we’ll be happy to help.

Hope this helps,

Well I know it now!  GREAT!  Thanks very much!