Custom folders from Outlook account don't show up

my custom folders from Outlook account don’t show up. I’ve tried re-adding the account, repair folder, unhide…no success.
Thanks, for help.

Are they collapsed under “More” at the bottom of the list?

If you see “More”. click on the little triangle on the left to uncollapse it. if your missing folders are there you can right click on any that you want to display and change their status from “Hide” to “Show”.

v7 had all set to “show” by default. v8 has them all set to “Hide” by defalt. Any you want on permanent display in v8 need to be set to “Show”.

Once you get this, you can right click on any account under mail, select “Show/Hide” and toggle any of the folders between “Show” and “Hide” as you see fit.



Thanks, I’ve tried that already before but didn’t help. It’s like the client doesn’t see the folders at all. Tried repair and re-install, too, neither worked. Any other suggestions?

Sorry - the only other thing I can suggest is complete uninstall and downgrade to v7 (I’m assuming you’re on v8.) which tends to be far more reliable and tends to work “out of the box”.