How to always show the Local folders?

Hi there.

Is it possible to always show the folders you see when you click the ‘More’-button?
In v7they were always visible, now in v8 you have to click to see them, everytime I start EM Client.


You can right-click on a folder to change its status from ‘Hide’ to ‘Show’. It will then always be visible just above the ‘More’.

If you right-click on the account name in the left-hand panel you can also select ‘Show/hide folders’ - this gives you a long list of all folders where you can change the attributes as you wish.

eM Client v7 used to have all folders set to ‘Show’ by default: v8 has most set to ‘Hide’ by default. You can choose what you prefer on a folder by fodler basis - I have some I don’t mind being hidden because I rarely access them - and also choose a third option, ‘Show if unread’ meaning that the folder only joins the list of visible folders if it contains an unread mail. This is useful if you have rules set up to automatically file mail on arrival.

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Hi David.

Thank you for your anwser. I got it working now! :grin:


Right-click the folders you want to see and choose from: HIDE, SHOW, SHOW IF UNREAD