Ctrl-Z should undo a movement of e-mail into a folder

When you move an e-mail into a folder, and when you do ctrl-z (undo), it doesn’t take into account the move operation.  It undo another earlier operation such as delete.  It’s a pity.

The problem still exists unfortunately. We are testing emClient for a customer at the moment and she needs this function.

As far as im aware the Ctrl Z was never designed to undo a Move or Drag message to a folder action. It would probably need to have another shortcut key assigned to do that. Dunno if you could use the same shortcut keys though to do that as well as currently for undoing message deletion & undoing typed text.

Ps If it is already supposed to do that, then its a bug as it doesn’t work for me using the latest eM Client V9.2 for Windows or Mac. Could be its never been implemented so would need a feature request.

Ps I also think it would ne a good feature to have due to i also have sometimes dragged emails into the wrong folder and has taken me sometime to find it. I see there is already another thread on this too.