Undo move message to folder

Can you please implement Undo for moving a mail message to a folder? My other email clients, as well as the Gmail web interface, have this feature. For example, in Windows 10 Mail and in Gmail web, if I accidentally move a mail message to the wrong folder (which is easy to do when I’m quickly processing my emails using key commands), a special “Undo” appears (near the top of the browser window in Gmail, and at the bottom of the message list in Win10 Mail), allowing me to Undo the most recent move (or the most recent archive).

I’m not looking for this “Undo move” feature to work like the normal undo/redo stack (which I understand would be very difficult to implement). All I’m asking for is a single-action “Undo move” or “Undo archive” feature (outside of the undo/redo stack).


sounds oK notsure why this was questioned?


I’ve added your idea to our list of feature requests - thank you for the suggestion.


Thanks Dave!

(BTW, I’m loving Beta 7 so far!)