Create and reply email - problem with delay

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I believe that this problem has already been reported by many users but no solution has yet been seen by the technical team. I have been using EmClient with professional license for several years and in the last 3 years I have always had problems while creating an email or replying to an email. The emClient takes a long time to perform these operations and is not productive enough.
So, once again, I ask the staff to solve this problem in the next update or to tell us the causes and how to solve this problem.
This problem starts to be very annoying and I sincerely would like (like probably others) to see it solved once and for all.

Thank you

lunes 08 noviembre 2021 :: 1215hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Paulo_Seichinha

1./ Personally I do not have any issues with eMC performance.
2./ The tech team, developers and support do not routinely monitor the forum
3./ If you have a specific issue, as a Pro user you should raise a ticket with support.

If you mean that eMC takes a long while to respond to the actions you take rather than a delay in sending and receiving, then the questions I ask are, what is the capability of your computer?
Do you have an HDD or SSD?
What OS is installed?
What is your CPU?
How much RAM?
Do you use IMAP or POP?

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You have this topic on the forum where people are discussing this issue.

My pc is top gaming laptop so no problems there.
My internet connection is top… also no problems here.
OS is WIN10
I use POP.

I have a lifetime license but my support as ended, so that’s why i post it here.

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I too find no issues with eM Client performance.

If you are referring to loading high-res inline images taking time to initially load “the first time you click them” on a new mail header if you are using eg: an IMAP, Exchange, iCloud type account, then there is nothing eM Client can do about that as any mailer will experience some delay as is the nature of loading inline emails.

However once the inline or remote images “are all cached” the next time you click on that email, the images normally shows within a second or so.

That not the problem cause i don’t have inline pictures embedded on the email template or signature.
It always delays something like 20 to 30 seconds.
I thought it could be from the Kaspersky protection but even if i disable anti-virus, it will behave the same way.
I use pop email so IMAP is also not the problem. Maybe is emails using POP… is there a way you guys can check it ?



Maybe is emails using POP… is there a way you guys can check it

I also have a POP account and composing or replying to emails is nearly instantaneous.

It always delays something like 20 to 30 seconds

If eM Client is delaying 20-30 secs when composing or replying to emails and there is no inline images involved, then either your eM Client program didn’t install correctly or you might have an issue with your pop mail database, or you have some optional program installed interfering with eM Client.

First thing backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup”.

Then uninstall eM Client and “don’t delete the database” when asked on uninstall. Then reinstall the latest version from the version history page and see if that fixes it.

If that still doesn’t fix it, then drag all your pop mail down to “Local folders” into a folder called eg" Old Mail" and once all there, remove your pop account and re-add your pop acct as new. If that fixes it, then drag all your old pop mail back up to the new pop account to the relevant folders.

Lastly if that still makes no difference, then you must have some optional program installed interfering with eM Client delaying it. I would then to test “disable all optional background programs” completely and reboot to test and see if eM Client then works ok without delay.

Hi Paulo,
20 - 30 seconds to open sounds strange.
I have 8 years old computer, Win7, 8 GB RAM, SSD, eM Client IMAP, Kaspersky antivirus too!
Create new e-mail takes less then 500 ms.
Reply to e-mail takes less then 500 millisecond, too.
I thing reinstalling eM Client will not solve the issue.
I would try this steps.

  1. transfer all of localy stored e-mails to mail server (via IMAP). All the folders Received/inbox, Sent, Drafts, Junk, straight to mail server native folders!
  2. Set up other fresh computer and try download the e-mails to eM Client. What response will be here?
    This process may be difficult and time consuming.
    If you have all your e-mails only on local computer make two backups to other media before.