Corrupted database / cannot open application

I normally experience no issues with eMC but I am now getting messages about a corrupted database and seem caught in a loop. It checks and then says database corrupted but the restore button is greyed out so cannot be used. Meanwhile, it will not let me open the application so I cannot do a restore through the application itself. I can find the back-up files but I am not sure how I would use these when I cannot open the application. I can find lots of references on the forum to corrupted databases but none that seem to tell me how to go forward from this position. Any help greatly appreciated.

You might want to apply Gary’s suggestions for a similar issue in this recent thread:

Thanks for the response - in fact my husband seems to have sorted it. He renamed the eM Client folder (the top level folder) under application data by adding “old”. He then opened the application and it behaved as if it was a new installation. He then drilled down into restore and used one of my back-up files et voila. He asssures me it was more luck than judgement …

Hopefully this might help somebody else.

Thanks again.