EM Client is freezing up

I have the latest version installed. Windows 11. Everything worked great yesterday. This morning it was frozen solid. If I click on it, I get the message “eM client is not responding,” with the options to close the program or to wait for it to respond. Waiting doesn’t work. Closing it and reopening, I get “checking for corrupted database” and “checking for inconsistent data.” Both get the green “Done” messages and the program opens, but still frozen.

I tried rebooting Windows, no luck. I tried reinstalling, no change.

  1. Close and uninstall eM Client, making sure NOT to delete the database folder when asked. That will ensure all your data and settings are there later.

  2. If it exists, delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client folder.

  3. Download and install the latest version from here: https://www.emclient.com/dist/latest/setup.msi

  4. Restart eM Client.

Gary, thanks. I tried this but eM Client still is frozen; just an hour glass. I rebooted again; still frozen.

Can you try something else please.

Close eM Client by ending the task in Task Manager if it is still running.

Open a Windows Command Prompt. Not a powershell, but a command prompt.

Paste in this command, including the " "
"C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe" /dblocation C:\em

This will start eM Client with a blank new database.

What is the result? Doesn’t eM Client open correctly?

I changed directories up to the C:> prompt. I get a message “This app can’t run on your PC.” When I close the message, it says “Access is denied.”

Don’t change anything. Just kill any eM Client tasks and run the command I gave you.

Send me a screenshot of the command window with the result if it fails.

Running as administrator.

Don’t run it as administrator.

Just open a command prompt and run the command I gave you.

I only ran as administrator because it didn’t work. Ran with normal command prompt this time.

I will be back in ten minutes.

Seems to be a Windows 11 issue. I can’t open Quicken or Quickbooks either.

Had to try about six things to get Windows to work from this troubleshooter before all the apps started working again. Thanks Gary!

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Please can you suggest what to do for a very similar problem in MacOS Ventura. Spinning beach ball rather than the egg timer.

I uninstalled and then downloaded a new installer for emClient, but it made no difference.


martes 18 abril 2023 :: 0921hrs (UTC +0100)

First I am pleased your issue is resolved.
I have read the complete thread several times and ask if you will please
provide the following information:
You say you have “I have the latest version installed. Windows 11”
Is Win 11 Home or Pro?
Was Win 11 installation an upgrade from Win 10 or a clean install?
The reason I ask is that I had a similar issue with a Win 11 upgrade
from Win 10 Pro that was eventually resolved with a clean install even
though both DISM & SFC had been run.
I have had no issues on other new Laptops I have that were supplied with
Win 11 Home & Pro

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Hola, I am running Windows 11 Pro. I upgraded from Windows 10. The problem with EM Client and other apps only started a month after I upgraded.

Gary, freezing again today. Opens after checking for corrupted database buy as soon as I click on anything it freezes. Windows says wait for it or close it. Tried several times, no joy. Tried pasting your string in the command line, but it wants a new install.

Tried again, with just the welcome to EM client emails in inbox. Still freezing.

OK, closed everything and rebooted. After corrupted data base message, everything seems to be working again.