Copy option missing from selected text in Inbox eM Client for Mac V9.2.2144

If you select text in the body of an email in the Inbox using eM Client for Mac V9.2.2144, after the text is selected, if you then “right click on the text”, the "Copy option is “Ghosted on the menu” as per the below example screenshot.

You can however select all the text, and use the keyboard to copy the text and paste that ok.

This issue might be related to the other eM Client for Mac Copy text post (slightly differant problem, “which looses 99% of the text when you right click” and also highlights in blue the area on the right of the text in that particular scenario.

But in this scenario below, “all the text is selected ok when you right click and doesn’t deselect”. Its only that the Copy option is Ghosted when you right click. So might be a differant bug.

I am not able to reproduce that. I get the context menu items as expected, and can select them.

This is with 9.2.2144 on Sonoma.

This is still happening for me using V9.2.2144 on Mac Sonoma. Uninstalling and reinstalling hasn’t fix it.

Eg: Using Layout view “Messages on the bottom” or “Messages on the right” .

1). If i “click on a subject at the top in the inbox” and the preview pane then shows the message below.

2). I then “select text” as in the example forum email below, and then “right click anywhere on that selected text” the Copy option is Ghosted as in the 1st example screenshot below.

3). However if i “dbl-click the subject in the Inbox at the top” and “open the email in a separate window”, the right click copy option “is then available” as in the 2nd screenshot below.

So the issue is that the right click copy option is not available in the “Preview Pane” on the bottom and only available in the “Separate window”.

(Right click Copy option not available in the Preview Pane)

(Right click Copy option is available in the separate window)

This missing copy & select all options on the right click menu in the preview pane, “have now been fixed” with the latest eM Client Mac 9.2.2202 update via the release history page.