copied text from e-mail unable to paste elsewhere in the system (mac)

when i copy some text from an e-mail, paste in another app isn’t working

I have the same problem on my PC.  It is causing a great problem as I can’t copy text from press releases.  What is going on?

It works fine for me (Note: Filip is using the new Mac version, so his issues don’t necessarily relate to Windows) .  Is the text you are trying to copy/paste actually text or a graphic?  What exactly happens?

you are probably asking ali, but what i try to copy is pure text. when i want to paste somewhere, it does nothing.

Hi Filip, I was actually asking Ali, as he(?) seems to be using Windows.  I’m not a mac person, so I really can’t help you.  You might try sending an email to, as that is the address for mac issues.  I’m not sure it is still active after the official release, however.

hi. seems this problem is also “old”.

currently i’m looking into eM as an alternative to thunderbird on macOS for work. so far i like it - especially the favorites feature and the ability to manually sort the favorites.

i use eM client for mac v8.2.1441 on macOS 10.14.6 mojave.

unfortunately i stumbled over some (for me) serious issues i wouldn’t have expected at all from an email client in 2021:

  • one issue affects new-mail-notifications for shared imap folders new-mail-notification for shared imap folders as well as an imap account’s subfolders with unread mail inside. there are board threads here on that topic for years ( here , here and in thread “notification-for-new-email-in-v8-only-active-for-inbox-folder/65514” ) with no real info from eM side, if that issue will be tackled finally or not, so i contacted the official support and got a ticket on the helpdesk. so i’ll wait and see.

  • the other issue i discovered was just this morning when i tried to copy some text from an email right out of the “preview window” without actually opening the email via double-click to a separate window. copying just doesn’t work.
    when checking the context menu after marking the text there is no option for copying…

when i open the email via double-click to a separate window and then mark the text copying works.

is this a bug or a setting i forgot to tick? i hope i’m not supposed to always “open” an email i quickly want to copy text from. in thunderbird copying text right out of the “preview window” works.

i’m grateful for any help; thx :slight_smile: