Convert msg to eml scripted

Hi. I know emclient has some command switches:

Hello. At present, there are only few parameters (/newmail, /newcontact, /newevent, /newtask) to create a new item. 
There is also an ‘/open’ parameter which, followed by the path to a file, either opens the file
(if it is an .eml, .vcf or .ics file) or attaches the file to a new mail

Perhaps there is even other way to make use of emclient using powershell, batch, command line etc.

I know emclient can open msg file, and I know emclient can then save the email to eml-file.
Would it be possible to have emclient convert msg files using command switches or any other api?

MailClient.exe /open test.msg /saveas test.eml ?

where is the documentation of the command line switches? I can only find info about others that are seeking documentation as well. Can I get the complete commandline documentation? you can also import config of emclient as well through the commandline switches?