Conversation / Threaded message view in my inbox?

I would like to have a conversation view in the client…is this possible?

Yes, it is scheduled for the next major release (5.0).

And when will that be?

Maybe this October.

Then maybe I’ll buy it in October.

To me, not having this feature is a non starter, it’s simply a must have. When 98% of the email clients out there…ei; Outlook, Postbox, Thunderbird, Gmail etc already have threaded messages. This feature should have been one of the first implemented and not an after thought.

That and PGP / GPG…yes I know that you support S/MIME but that’s just not good enough to support your price of this client.

My advice…Listen to your users, they will buy what they ask for they will not buy what you think is best for them.

Did this feature not make it into 5.0 as planned? Or am I just missing it?

As it didn’t be released in the last 4 releases it’s not in the version 5.0. This feature is promised for the next release since 3 years at least and still not implemented. It’s becoming a running gag and i’ll probably run for another client soon if the joke doesn’t end.

I am very sorry - as I wrote in another topic - we did not make it because of other scheduled features. It will definitely be implemented in version 6.

I’d like to chime in and say that I would greatly appreciate this feature as well.

Finally found a client that can connect to my school’s antiquated Exchange 2003 server and WTF no conversation view? Is this client also from 2003?

For the record:
I uninstalled em client because it had no threaded view, months (even year?) ago. I saw this post (or similar one) and noticed that it was going to be in 5.0 and I waited for it, but I see it’s not there yet. Very unfortunate.
Gambate, employees!

George, do you have a date for this update?

unfortunately not, I asked our developers and they do not have any exact time frame for the next major release.

Funny that 5 minutes ago I googled “em client con” and Google autocompleted my query and the first link directed me here. Sad that eM Client doesn’t still have this feature.

I don’t think there has been much development since 5.0


there are many new features which were requested by users being implemented to 6th version scheduled to be released in few weeks.


I am ready to buy the product but cannot until the conversation/thread feature is in there. just FYI money is waiting!!!


I understand you, but we have plans that we need to follow.


any update on release 6?

yes, sometime between late October and end of November at the moment.

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