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In my smartphone NAMES of incoming contact as I choosed for them. And You, mr. Developer? When I receive calls I see names as I prefer. I see Bro but not first and second name of my Brother I see Mom but not name and surname of my mom and etc. In SMS I see named as I prefer. In Anodord mail.client I see names as in MY CONTACT!
What’s happening with EM? Why I can not in my mails see names of MY contacts?
EM developers should d.e.l.e.t.e contacts from pack of program. Contacts does not work.
I work with few factories. And I rename names of my partners. Add name of factory in Name.
But it does not work with EM!
What for contacts in EM? It is Separately from emails!

Need to be honest with buyes.

There is info “Browse your contacts in various views and see the entire communication history for every contact.” (Features - Contacts | eM Client | eM Client)

Should add: “Display name of Your contact in emails is unavailable. Contacts and emails are not connected”.


Not sure I understand the question.

If you have given your contact a name, say Bob Smith, it can be filed automatically as:

Bob Smith
Bob, Smith
Smith, Bob
Smith Bob

You select that option in Menu > Settings > Contacts. This will apply to all contacts.

If you want to display it as something else in eM Client per contact, say Bob S, you can change that in the File As field in the contact details.

Bob Smith
Bob, Smith
Smith, Bob
Smith Bob

That is all? Really?
If I want to use only Bob?
I do not want Bob Smith, I want “Toyota - Bob”. Because he works in Toyota. One of hundreds contacts from different factory. And I need to recognize him by factory name. Can not remember everyone. And I rename him in “Toyota - Bob”. Can? Rename can. In contacts. In list of email he will be any way Bob Smith.
Contacts & Emails do not work together.

In the Right side - Given by me name. In middle and left side non-recognized by EM name. EM does not care contacts name.

Go to the contact and change the File As field to Toyota - Bob.

The name in the email is taken from the message header, so that is name that the sender specified.

And in Your phone? When someone call You. What name do You see? When get sms what name do You see? In Telegram? Viber? WhatsApp? What name do You see? From header? Or as You wrote yourself in Your personal address book?

Why everywhere I get message from “Toyota - Bob”, but in eM it takes from header and it is not possible to easy recognize it?

Is it for additional usability?

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Kinda. In the side-bar, the associated contact information will be displayed, so you will see Toyota - Bob, but in the message, you will see what the sender specified.

A change has been proposed by a user here:

I was sure I had also proposed this as a feature request some years back, but I can’t find the post.

Anyhow, I changed your question here to a feature request, so it will be considered for future development.

It’s absolutely a must feature. I’m still waiting for it to buy a lifetime license. Otherwise the client is useless for me. Just take a look at mac mail client or Aqua mail for Android - this function works like a charm there, but sometimes I need to use Windows…