Contacts field descriptions change after synchronisation to eg Cell 1

Hi guys,

I synchronize my eM Client by OAuth with Google and have the following issue:

If I create a new contact, the fields are descibed by
Email: for privat @
Work: for work@
Webpage: for Homepage
Home: for landline
Mobile: for privat cell
Job title:

After synchronization almost all field descriptions, even for existing contacts, are changed as following:
Email 1:
Work 1:
Url 1:
Cell 1:
Home 1:
Company: < stays as is
Job title: < stays as is

And if I edit the name of Work 1 after synchronisiation to Work, after another sync Email 1 becomes Email1 1.

It is independent from my language settings. In my German settings it changes from E-Mail, Geschäflich, Webseite, Mobiltelefon, Privat to the same names described above.

In my mobilephone (Xiaomi 9Lite) it is then the same naming which is the worst point in this topic.

Anybody knows this issue and has a solution?

Thanks in advance. If you need further information, feel free to ask!


I found out, that the values of the field description are overwritten by the default user defined value.
It is only happening, if I edit a contact in eM Client and send this by clicking sync. If I change something in Google Contacts in the browser, the field descriptions are taken into account in eM Client.
Even if I put user defined values, they are exchanged to default during synchronization.

Somebody any idea where I could have a look?
Thanks in advance

PS: Noone else has this issue?

I’ll test that once I get home after my shift.

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You are right it does mess-up the Label
It need to be fixed.

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Hi ShaunY,
thanks alot for your comments and testing. It relieves me very much that I am not the only one with this issue. How can we open a bug ticket at eM? Are developers reading along here?

The bug is already logged. :bug:

Hi Gary,
ah ok, thanks for the info. How did you found out?

Super! At first action eM messes up all my Contact field names and now after manual reset of all the fields it wont upload it to my Gmail account due to limits of free users. How can I know that it will work, if I pay 50 bucks? For that money, here are several severe failures and I could get a complete Office package for the half!? I have to think about a purchase now.

Oh, now it worked, but it still wasn’t fixed, now all fieldnames are messed up again. Thanks eM!

@Gary @admin
When will this disgusting bug be fixed? I cannot use my Google assistant in the phone, cause it doesn’t understand me saying Cell underline 1, in the case I remember and guess right the naming of the number.

This is really annoying. As time goes by I have contacts with field names like Home 1 1 1 1 1.

Also if I open a contact record just to read it, eMClient asks me if I want to save changes when I close the contact form even though I have not made any changes…

@seeger76 @ConfusedUser
The fix for this issue should be in the next update and solve the google contact information label replacement mess.
The true terms isn’t “Underline” but “Underscore”.

Thanks. Same issue. Looking forward to resolution.

After installing the update yesterday, this problem seems to be fixed! Thank you!