contact groups missing... family, friends

using gmail IMAP, family, friends group folders not showing up in contact manager…
the first pic is of emclient… the 2nd is of my gmail folders.  A family members contact indicates that it is assigned to the family group.  When I attempt to make a new folder by right clicking, create new folder, I get a cannot create error. 

well it seems that the “family” and “friends” contact labels are not accepted by em client.  I created “family member” and “Friend”, then moved the contents of the two default folder to the new ones, respectively.  Yep they showed up under the new label.

Hi Paul,
sorry for the late reply and inconvenience, it seems that some of the default gmail groups for certain google accounts are bugged, even from the gmail’s side. We’ve seen these issues happen with Coworkers and some other groups as well, but unfortunately there is nothing we can currently do about it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks.  I discovered that the family and friends labels have been removed from the upper section by google.  They appear in the “circles” folder of gmail.  However the android phones still use these labels.  If you create family and friends labels in the upper section of gmail where is was originally, em client won’t show it and it will appear twice in the android!   So I just created a label… VIPs and put family and friends in it.

Unfortunately, the problem still exists. The important groups are not displayed. Please solve this error.

no reply :frowning:

my friend who uses groups keeps having contacts being dropped off the ‘local stored’ groups

some of her important mails have not gone to people as they have dropped off from being in the groups anymore…

this is awful…  if there is no fix I will have to adivse her to move to away from emclient.


I assume by groups you are referring to Categories. How is she sending the email to people in that category?

Could the situation be the same is Douglas had in this thread