Consolidating same subject emails in "tree" view.

In the main mailbox view, is there an option to consolidate conversations? For instance, i usually have a daily chain mail with 5 other individuals. The subject line stays the same for each individual mail (basically everyone replies to each other) and I see about 100+ mails a day.

In other mail programs like Postbox / Thunderbird / etc. Mail replies that have the same subject line are set up in a “tree”. So instead of having 100+ new e-mail in your inbox, you have one e-mail with a (+) button in front of it, that expands the initial e-mail to show all the replies in a “tree” view within the inbox. Not only is this highly organized, it also keeps track of what users are replying to what e-mails (without having to look at the quote in each e-mail). This is an efficient way of managing multiple e-mails that share the same subject.

For reference, download the mozilla based mail application Postbox or even Thunderbird.


Hello, currently we are working on support for grouping and converation view. If everything will go according our plans, it will be available in v2.6, which is scheduled to be released in 3-5 weeks.

Thank you for the quick response Michael. EMClient will most likely take the spot of my local email client.

what happened to this in 2.6?

We had to postpone this feature, we will inform about the progress with this issue.

+1 for conversation view feature.

I downloaded the program and loved it! But I need to have emails grouped in conversations to be able to use it. It is really annoying to check email by email if you have a large amount of emails coming everyday as I do.
So… I’ll have to wait for the feature to be ready. I’ll go back to the webmail meanwhile (it sucks, but other email clients sucks as well…)

+1 for this feature


This feature will be a great improvement.
The actual sidebar really helps follow conversations, but something nested or arranged (tree view) would be great.

Conversation views are a must nowadays.
This is the only big thing that is missing from emclient.

This was supposed to be released 2+ years ago. Any update on this, thanks?

this will be implemented in the version 5.0, but I cannot give you any exact time frame for it.

That’s good news.

Will keep checking your website for version 5.

Keep up the good work!

Still not available in 5.0 Beta. Bummer.

We did not make it because of many other scheduled tasks. You can expect it in the next major release.

I’m started to doubt you ever tried to implement that feature. It’s a vaporfeature, it have been promise in the next release since 3 years.
Why don’t you do it? there plenty of people asking for it and needing it. It’s far more important than a better Skype integration that is anyway quite bad and not useful for an email client.
That’s sad because you have one of the best email client but you miss some key features, you don’t listen to your clients and worst you are not keeping your word.
As a client i’m feeling like your are taking us for fools.
I know i’m not alone to think that way and if there no change i’ll go back to a lower-end email client that support key features and where developer are serious people.
I know my words are hard but it’s how i feel.

Well, I totally agree with the previous comment.

Since most IMAP servers do the calculations to get a message tree themselves, the only thing left you have to do is display work.

Heck! This is a feature I’d even be willing to implement myself for free (well, I know this is never going to happen, but still…).

If you have any legitimate reason why you didn’t implement it, whether it be technical problems, bad intern work, patents, whatever… tell us! Don’t leave us in the cold with non kept promises.

You have one of the best email client nowadays, but honestly, if someone released another one with half your features, but with a decent conversation view, I’d really consider leaving you.

I agree with the previous two posts. Love the client but hate the fact that this simple feature that almost all other clients have implemented is missing here.

I am considering going back to zimbra desktop.

Already switched back to Thunderbird with Lightning. I’m on 5 mailing lists - it’s nearly impossible to read them without threaded view.

Maybe I’ll give eM Client another try, as soon as this feature is implemented - but until this it’s useless for me. ;(

I tried today em Client for the first time.
I am missing this feature. So i won’t switch to this Email client