Compress Calendar View


Is there a way that I can compress the calendar view only? I like my 30 minute calendar view but I don’t need each row to be so tall. I don’t know how to compress the row height for calendar without compressing other views as well. I’d appreciate the advice.



Click on a day / date in the current calendar view, and then you can an zoom in and out in the calendar view using the Ctrl button on your keyboard on PC or Command key on Mac keyboard, and scrolling the mouse wheel up and down at the same time.

That does not work for me. Doing that scrolls between the calendar segmented by hour/30mins/15mins but does not modify the size of the rows so I see more of the calendar at once. I like the 30 minutes segmented view.

It looks like formerly discussed issue.
Please read this thread

That is a different issue. I can change the granularity. I don’t know how to make the physical height of each row smaller so I see more of the calendar

Using the Ctrl + mouse option changes how many hours you can see vertically in day and week views, or how many events you can see per day in the month view.

You can’t keep the granularity, so 30 minute intervals, and also zoom out to display more hours per day.

With higher vertical resolution monitors, you will be able to see more hours per day in 30 minute sections, than you will on lower resolution monitors.

Granularity and time range affect each other. It worked other way in older version. It is exactly described by “Prej” in reffered thread.

There is a setting in calendar settings to show 24 hours. That does it