Colors eM Client not correct on AdobeRGB screen!

The colors displayed in eM Client look awful on my monitor screen. I will try to explain the problem which has to do with so called color management. 

I am a professional photographer and I am using a monitor that can display the full Adobe RGB color spectrum. Now, normal monitor screens only display the sRGB color spectrum which is a smaller color palette. 

A program like Adobe Photoshop does make use of color management, and therefore the UI and the photos opened in Photoshop can be showed in Adobe RGB color space, and the colors look correct.

Now on the other hand there are also a lot of programs that don’t use color management, and these programs just assume that the computer user is using a monitor that is able to just display the sRGB color space.  These program look good on all sRGB monitors but look awful on Adobe RGB monitors because the colors look much over saturated then. 

A simple solutions for programs that won’t include color management techniques in their software is to include a technique that forces the program to always show the colors in sRGB. That way the colors will look right again on a Adobe RGB monitor because there is a color space defined (in this case sRGB).

This problem I am talking about is also happening on iMac screens because these screen also have an (almost) Adobe RGB color space.

In Thunderbird I was able to change the color management settings in the about:config options, almost in the same way as it is possible in the Firefox browser. You can read more about this here:

Something like this possible in eM Client? If not, I hope it will come soon and I think it’s maybe necessary too because there will be more Adobe RGB screens used in the near future.

Hi Alw,

Thank you for this idea, I changed this thread so other users can comment on this feature request. 

To the current issue with colours, send me please a screenshot to [email protected] where the colour difference between sRGB and Adobe RGB is visible.

Thank you,

Russel, I can send you a screenshot but you will only be able to see the difference on an AdobeRGB screen… :slight_smile:

If you have something like Photoshop, just open a photo and push saturation with about + 15%. That is what kind of over saturated colors you see in EmClient on a AdobeRGB screen. 

By the way, not only in attachments in emails, but also in the design of eM Client itself. For example, the orange colors in the default theme look over saturated too.

Hi Alw,

I’m mostly concerned about the program interface itself.
Send me please the screenshot and I’ll forward it to my colleagues for testing.

Thank you.