Colors eM Client look bad on Adobe RGB screen

Hello, back in 2018 I asked a question about a colormanagement problem in eM Client:

We are now 2 years later and I installed eM Client again to give it another try but this problem seems not to be fixed at all.

So everyone using a Adobe RGB screen (photographers, webdesigners, and so on) are looking at oversaturated colors in eM Client?

Are there any plans to fix this issue?

I don’t see oversaturated colors. Maybe you need to calibrate your screen?


I use a professional calibrated Eizo screen for professional photo editing. I am 100% sure my screen is correct calibrated.

But are you looking at a Adobe RGB screen? Because when you look at a screen that is only able to show the sRGB color spectrum you will not see the problem…

And was this with a specific Theme, or is it the same with all of them?

It has nothing to do with themes… I will try to explain what colormanagement is about:

  • There are 2 kind of screens; screens that can display only sRGB color spectrum (95% of all used screens I think) and screens that are able to displat Adobe RGB color spectrum.

  • The Adobe RGB colorspectrum displays more color nuances then the sRGB color spectrum and therefore is used by professional photographers and graphic designers.

  • Adobe RGB screens are expensive, like € 1000,00 or more, and often have build in hardware calibration software, or make use of external calibration devices.

Now the important part for eM Client:

  • When using a Adobe RGB screen the software and programms displayed on that screen need to support colormanagement. If not the colors will look very oversaturated.

  • An example of software suporting colormanagement is Adobe Photoshop but also chrome based browsers.

  • eM Client is developped to display correct colors on a sRBG screen, which is logical because that’s the most used screen by far.

  • But eM Client is not progammed to display sRGB colors by default, it not progammed to display sRGB or Adobe RGB at all! it’s programed to just display sRGB colors without specifing this color space.

  • When eM Client would be programmed to display sRGB colors ALWAYS then the problem on Adobe RGB screens would be solved, because the color calabration software from my screen now knows which color space is used; sRGB in this case and is then able to display the colors correctly!

You get it… :slight_smile:

lunes 09 noviembre 2020 :: 1328hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Alw

I am a serious amateur photographer and I also don’t see oversaturated colors.

This what I use:
Lenovo Thinkpad P17 Gen 1 - Intel Xeon W-10885M vPro Processor
17.3" UHD (3840x2160) IPS Anti Glare 500nits Non-Touch
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 16GB GDDR6 256bits
HDMI to BenQ SW271 Monitor

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


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Again, was this with a specific Theme, or is it the same with all of them?

Nothing to do with themes, but if you want to know: it’s with all the themes. That’s because it has nothing to do with themes but with color managent… :slight_smile:

You are sure your screen is a 100% Adobe RGB screen and is also calibrated like that?

If that’s the case then (when possible in your situation) try to look at the same email in eM Client and in a Chrome based webbrowser (webmail). Choose an email with a picture or image in it.

You will see the difference then!

Well, eM Client’s screen rendering is done with a Chrome engine . . .

lunes 09 noviembre 2020 :: 1548hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Alw

You are sure your screen is a 100% Adobe RGB screen and is also calibrated like that?
My BenQ SW271 Monitor is without any doubt 100% Adobe RGB and calibrated - you should do a search for full spec & review.
I don’t use Webmail and in any event I’m almost certain eMC uses Chrome rendering, plus it’s a matter of opinion as to how something looks.

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Color management is never a matter of opinion! The whole point of professional color management is to avoid matter of opinion or personal taste; it’s al about industrie standard colors otherwhise what is the point?

Example: when I edit a photo in Photoshop I embed the correct colorprofile in the image file, and then send it to the printing company. The printing company is reading my color profile and converts this to the color profile of their printing machine. Now the print looks (99%) the same as the picture on my screen. That is color management, no room at all for matter of opinions!

When it is Chrome rendered it’s not a guarantee that it’s also supports color management! Most well know chrome browser like Google Chrome and the new Edge are supporting color management but not all do. eM Client does not for example…

Also, let’s give you an other example:

When I look at my Adobe RGB screen the colors look very different (over saturated) then when i look at the same email at my laptop screen. Which is completely logical; my laptop screen is only sRGB and therefor it does not matter that eM Client does not support color management.

One other example: on my Adobe RGB screen I look at an email newsletter. In the newsletter is a link called “view this newsletter in your browser”. Now, when I click on that link and look at the newsletter in my browser (which is supporting color management) the colors look totally different. In other words: the colors look good in the browser but over saturated in Em Client. Point made!

lunes 09 noviembre 2020 :: 1911hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Alw

Is it possible that whatever is causing your dissatisfaction is because of equipment capability?
Frankly, I have never had anyone complain about the quality, color or clarity of any photographs I have shared and I don’t suppose they know about Adobe RGB rendering or could care even less.

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I give up… :slight_smile:
Thank you all for your reply’s and stay healthy!!

How about a screenshot to show these oversaturated colors?

So this kind of issue is not unique to eM Client on the Adobe RGB monitor?

No it’s not unique to eM Client! There is a lot of software that does not support color management and therefore displays wrong (mostly over saturated) colors. There is one piece of software that is really well know that has this problem… Windows 10!

Please search in Google, this is a wellknow issue:

And a lot more…

I can send you a screenshot but you will not be able to see any differences when you are on a sRGB screen, that’s the whole point!

Please search for information on Google! I will close this topic for myself now!

Maybe time to just admit that If the monitor has an issue with many applications, and even the OS, then maybe that purchase was not the best decision you ever made.