Close original email on Reply or Forward

As a new convert from MS Outlook the one feature that I appear to be missing is a way to configure eM Client to close the original email when I reply or forward it. It doesn’t appear to happen automatically and I’d like it to some way.

Is this something that is being worked on?

the feature is on our official feature requests list and currently under consideration. It will be maybe implemented to some future version of eM Client.

I would also like to see this functionality. Otherwise, I like the look and feel of the application a lot, but since the lack of this feature creates additional unnecessary clicks for every reply I make, I am hesitant to purchase.

I have purchased emclient, but this is something I’d really like to see too. It’s a bit of an annoyance.

Again, add my vote. Standard feature elsewhere, and very annoying not to have it. Feels like something very obvious got missed, and isn’t being fixed. What possible reason could there be to leave the orig email open and MAKE the user close it manually? When I’m done, I’m done, and want to move on to something else. Don’t make me do unnecessary things that should automatically be handled.

yes, this really needs to be fixed

Agree. This is a real basic feature and I’m dissapointed that this was missed. Not sure about purchasing as this feature alone is creating a lot of extra clicks just to get through email.


it is in our todo list, but unfortunately I cannot give you any exact time frame when it will be released.

Agree with the rest, I really would like to see this feature added!

This is a feature I am keen on as well. I am surprised that it isn’t something that would be a “given”. I end up with dozens of emails open in back windows.

I have posted a comment on another post but also looking for multiple timezones for meetings in Calendar (same function available in Google Calendar).

Ditto ditto ditto - please add me to the wish list for this option - better still make it default option rather than selective. I’ve never wanted to keep an email open that I have replied to.

I’m new to this app and like it a lot - Please make this change soon so, I’m happy to part with my money for anything that can replace outlook but actually work reliably with google mail (imap) and calendars.

Me too!!

I am considering purchasing this product, while this isn’t a show stopper. It is a frustration.

I mean it has been 9 months since a eM rep said they are working on it. 9 MONTHS for such a silly little function…

I know but the reason why we have not implemented it yet is that we have to focus on features with higher priority first.

Was just checking on this feature.

Me too !

Still under development.

@ George Wilson,

May I suggest to make it an optional feature ,rather than forcing one way or another?
IOW -box to tick or untick for close on Reply or FWD

I may well be in the minority ,but I like to reference my reply to the original email.
I use dual or multiple monitors and having the original show is more useful.

One could argue that the original is (or may be) in the reply ,but that involves
a lot of scrolling up or down. Much more convenient to show them side-by-side.

We will definitely make it optional - we will add a simple setting for this functionality.

Glad to see this is still on the radar. Will keep following and hopefully an update will be coming soon.