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“there is no program associated to perform the requested action” when clicking on the phone number next to the red phone icon in the contact.
While I have Skype, I would prefer to use Google Voice (I use this for business all the time). It looks like the error is from Windows trying to associate the link with a program that will take the link and act on it. If you can tell me the type of file it is trying to associate, maybe I can figure out how to get Google Voice to act on it.

Hi, do you have Google voice (it is part of google plus right?) set as default program for action you want to perform?


Apparently not. This is probably because I am unsure what “action” to associate with it. Unless they have shared with someone else via a forum, wiki, or other form of documentation, The only one who knows what action is being called by the eMClient software would be… the eMclient team. This is why I requested the information on the action: so that I can manually associate it.


I’d like to hear a clear answer to this as well. I’d love to recommend eM Client as a solution for our users but, many of them will see the phone icon when a contact is selected and be disappointed when it won’t call the person and instead offers up a cryptic error message. We are Google Apps for Business customers and some of our users are making Google Voice calls quite a bit. It would be nice to be able to leverage that with your excellent email client.

Hi Brian, can you make a screenshot of this phone button you’ve mentioned?
eM client currently doesn’t natively support any voice call features at the moment.

Thank you,

It’s in the Contact Details portion of the right side column.

Yup… that’s the one.

If I click on a phone number shown in the contact details tab, I get the following message:

So I assume the first time you click on that link, you can associate a program to the ‘tel’ action.

If you happen to have made an association to ‘tel’ to another program before, which you would like to change now, you can go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Default Programs > Set Associations.

Thank you Hans for the provided solution…

Did this help to solve your problem everyone? I’m getting the exact same window on first click to a phone number assigned to a contact there…

Thank you,

I don’t see “tel” in the list of file types or protocols so I can’t associate it with another program. I’m running Windows 7 64bit.

Hans, your screenshot looks like it comes from a Windows 8 machine. Do you see “tel” in your list of file types and protocols? 

Does anyone with Windows 7 see it in their list?

Hi Brian, we’ve just tested the issue with Windows 7, but unfortunately it’s the same as Hans previously posted, the same window appears connects to Skype, TEL is assigned to skype in default programs.



Under Windows 7 64bit (no guarantees for anything else) do the following:

  1. Download GVDialer (latest version):…
    2)Unzip it in a folder [C:\GVDial]
  2. Create a batch file [gvd.cmd] in the same directory
    c:\GVDial\gvdial.exe" googlePassword %1 1234567890
    You will replace the google username and password with … well you know… and the ten digit number is your phone you want Google Voice to use to call out (I use my skype phone number).
  3. Edit your registry (all the usual warnings, back it up, dangerous, blah blah blah))
    >Create the following keys
    >Create / edit the following text entries (Reg_SZ)
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GVDIal\Default “Click to Call”
    (leave the above entry’s data field blank)
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GVDIal\shell\open\command(default) “C:\GVDial\gvd.cmd” “%1”
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Associations\UrlAssociations\TEL\UserChoice\Progid “GVDial”

That does it for me. I left the pause in the script to make certain I could see any errors… you can remove that line if it works for you.

Happy dialing.

Hi Brian,

Yes, I’m using Windows 8.1.

I do see a ‘tel’ protocol in my list of protocols and file types.

screen shot:

I am sorry, I was not clear on the above solution: My goal was to create a click to call solution for Google Voice. It can be applied to other solutions that can be accessed from the command line with a few modifications… this includes Skype or Shoretel System, etc.

Calendaring - Awesome
Contacts including Click to Call - Awesome
Tasks, backup, all general coolness.
Now if only I could effectively use eMClient for mail :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for sharing this workaround and your solution to this problem, hopefully it will help other users as well.

Let me know if you come across any other issues you might have or any questions about the app.

Thank you,

It doesn’t look like you can use your Google Voice number for this. Too bad as I was hoping for a solution that only used the Google Business accounts for our domain. 

@Brian… I am using Google Voice for this. I have also found another app that kicks in for a client’s Shoretel system… so yes… Google Voice is a go, just use the instructions above.

What I mean is there doesn’t seem to be a way to use the Google number you get from Google. Am I wrong or to make this work do you need to use another number you’ve added to the GV account?

The latter. Google Voice works by dialing you. By placing your GV account (UN/PW) in the batch file, you allow GVDial to authenticate to Google Voice (like logging in to The phone number in the batch file is the one that you have already registered with Google Voice that is sitting next to your computer where you are running eMClient. This allows it to ring that phone on the outgoing call. The %1 in the batch file is replaced by the program when you click because it is sent through the protocol: \TEL:22233334444 when you click on the link in eMClient.

It will automatically show as coming from your Google Voice number.