Changing calendar event start and end times are very annoying!

There are multiple issues with how you implement the calendar event date/time selection.

  1. First there is no way to create an event with no duration, i.e. the same start and end time. This is a very handy feature (as many people have commented) and is easily accomplished with Microsoft Outlook.
  2. If you quickly create an event by typing into the month view, it creates an “all day” event, fine. But then I want to edit that event to set it’s start/end time and if you change the 8am default start time to something like 6p then then end date and time are way out of whack (you’ve kept the duration the same) and it requires you to then manually change both the end date and time again. Also if you change the end date back to the original date then try to change the end time IT CHANGES THE START TIME, which means you have to fix it AGAIN. This is all completely crazy and frustrating!! Why don’t you simply adopt the process Outlook uses which is to give a drop-down list of time and end-time-durations starting with [0 min], [30 min], [1 hour], …, [1 day]?? This would be SOOO much easier than what you have currently!


  1. We consider events without duration as “Tasks” and they can be found in their own section.
  2. This is by design and is not planned to be changed.


I agree with Todd on this. Entering event times is very awkward. I think having a way to enter the event end time with a drop-down of 15, 30, 60 minutes, etc. would be MUCH easier than the current scroll arrows through each minute, or having to type the minute entry in directly.

By the way, if a user’s issue is classified as “by design, and is not planned to be changed”, it strikes me as a bit dismissive to just immediately label the post as “Not a Problem” when it IS a problem from the user’s perspective. Maybe you need a new classification, “By Design” or some such.

I see your point, but I can’t take every complaint as issue. This works like we intended that is why I have answered like I’ve did.


A suggestion to eM Client: make it possible for an end user to specify whether the begin time and end time of an appointment are ‘connected’ to each other.

For example with a ‘chain’, like many photo-editing programs do for the width and height of images.

if the begin time and end time are connected (a ‘closed chain’), then changing one will automatically change the other (so the duration of the appointment stays the same).

If the begin time and end time are not connected (an ‘open chain’), then an end user can change each time individually without influencing the other time.

Since it works as designed it is not planned.


I still don’t agree with “since it works as designed it is not planned”…maybe it’s not planned yet, but hopefully it will be planned in the future :slight_smile:

Most features in Microsoft Word 1 probably also worked as planned, but are you still using Microsoft Word 1 (assuming there was such a version)? Or have you upgraded because there are new features and existing features have been improved? I know I have!

I have to agree with Mike: who can give this topic this yellow label with the text “not a problem”?

For the people in this thread it’s obviously a problem!

In my years of working the computers and software. I have come up with a term for this. It is BAD. Broken As Designed. How do you know current users won’t like the change? Have you done a survey? Done feature votes? I don’t mean this to be to harsh as I think eM Clent is a very good program.

I agree that it can be frustrating. I also find sometimes when I double-click to create an event it inserts it 1/2 hour out. So I find it’s best to create and edit graphically - and drag start and end times where I want them - much less stress.

I’m also using the ‘drag and drop’ technique to change start and end times of appointments.

I just noticed that events can be imported with zero times. You just can’t create them in eM Client. I often want reminders to show in the calendar view. If I use a task it only shows in the agenda. It seems strange that there is no problem importing events that you can’t create.

Yes, that is one way how to overcome our design.


we are having that behaviour because we think that Tasks suits better to create long term “event”.

Event is something that happens for a while or once/regulary, but it ends.
Task is something that can be lifetime.

This is why we are using system we have.


I imported an event from Facebook with their export feature. 

Em gave it the wrong time and the wrong date.

So i fixed the time and em changed it to the wrong date.
So, i fixed the date and em changed it to the wrong time.
So i fixed the time-zone, and em changed it to the wrong date. 

I feel like I’m going in circles. If i change one thing, please don’t change something else. I appreciate that you want the app to HELP me, but in this case it does not help me, it makes things more difficult and time-consuming.

Then i noticed when i change the starting time zone, em did not change the ending time zone. eM DIDN’T change the one item that would help me. 

Why do we even need a separate time zone for start and end. Why would an event start in one time zone and end in a different time zone, unless i’m on an airplane?


Hi Johny, a different timezone for the start and end date can be very helpful for people who do their business on multiple locations, so changing it automatically might cause trouble to someone else.
Thank you for the suggestion we’ll take a look at this issue and if possible improve the feature for future releases.


you mean they travel from one time zone to another time zone DURING THE EVENT?


this must be EXTREMELY RARE, even for people who do business internationally. How could this happen, besides being on an airplane? How many meetings happen on airplanes?

the vast majority of events, for international and non-international users, the start time and end time are surely in the same time zone. 

you are forcing the majority of users to use a feature that only occurs very, very rarely. 

having start and end in different time zones should be an extra option, not normal. 

[this is a separate problem from changing date and time when i change time zone]. 

Hi again, I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with the current settings, unfortunately we don’t plan on changing this setting at the moment. Maybe in future releases.

No other users have reported any issues with this setting, so we currently believe this is the right way of handling the timezone. The timezone setting is adjusting automatically with newly created events to your local settings on your computer, and only is changed when someone needs to change the setting to a different timezone (thus is travelling etc.).

Thank you for understanding,