Change the dark theme to a slightly lighter colour

I tend to like the darker themes, since they don’t hurt my eyes so much from the brightness of other themes. I like the dark theme but wish it was more of a dark grey rather than black, how can I change the overall colour to a slightly lighter shade. Thanks for your help.

You can also try user created dark themes.

Or alt design or modify your own dark theme.

Open the “Theme Editor” and customise any theme via “Menu / Tools / Theme Editor"

Note:- Remember If you use the Theme Editor to modify any current theme, “Save the Theme” first in eM Client Themes via “Menu / Settings / Appeance / Themes” with a different name, by clicking the “Advanced” button at the bottom right.

Then “Open and Modify” that theme in the eM Client Theme editor. The default Theme save directory for eg: Windows 10 / 11 is normally eg: - C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Also thread on creating custom themes in eM Client Custom eM Client Themes

Thank you, the suggestion for downloading some themes was great and gives me a variety to chose from.
Thanks again,