Change Category/Folder Color?

New to eM Client and just synced with my Google Apps account. All my folders came through (great!) but they’ve been assigned wacky colors (no!). I cannot seem to change the folder color and associated email tags… Tools>Categories>Mails gets close, but none of the synced folders are included there to change. Help!?

Hello Kate,
go to Tools>Settings>Appearance>Lists and uncheck the option to Use color of category as text color option.


Hi Olivia, it’s not that the text color is changing is that’s the colors of the folders themselves are automatically assigned. How can I change the color associated with, for example, my folder for “Events”. Right now it’s automatically selected and I’m not how to change it. Thanks!

Hello Kate,
sorry, I misunderstood. Unfortunately these colors are assigned randomly at this time.
A workaround that works for folders though (not subfolders) is to go to Menu>Tools>Categories and create a Mail category with the same name as your Gmail label and set the desired color.
This category is paired with the label and the color then replaces the original.


Is it planned to sync those colors with the colors already configured in Gmail?

I’ve the same exact problem with gmail labels colors. EM doesn’t import the colors from my account and randomly select other which is very confusing.

Another great feature I would recomend is category sync. If I’ve EM installed in 2 computers with the same email account, if I set a category in 1 PC, I must see the change in the other computer. Thunderbird has the feature and is great help.

+1 for this missing feature.

In the middle of migrating thousands of tagged/flagged/labelled emails from Outlook/Exchange to EM/G Suite and this is the bane of my life at the moment as users are all complaining about lost labels and random coloured tags on their emails.

I’d like to request this feature too.

Me too!

I’m also in