Can't set up account with AT&T/

I have tried, repeatedly to set up my AT&T email account, which was working fine prior to December’s update, and have met with only failure. My customer service tickets get NO response, and I’m getting disgusted enough to delete EMClient from my system and look for another email client.

Bear in mind that VIP Support do not work on weekends, so if you submitted a ticket on Friday, they probably didn’t see it till yesterday. Also, you can change the priority of your ticket. Initially it is set as low, but if it is import, increase the priority.

Until then, see if this announcement is of any use:

Otherwise, if you want assistance from users on this forum, maybe you could describe a little more about what you mean by your attempts “have met with only failure”. What did you try? What errors if any did you get?

Tried that…didn’t work! I followed the steps as outlined in account settings to access the account in question. And I’ve had TWO service tickets open. One since 12/06/2020 and the other since 1/3//2021. And save the snark. You’ll only irritate me more than I already am with EMClient.

If eM Client VIP Support have not acknowledged your tickets, please increase the priority. Or write to them by email. As long as you use the email address that is registered with your Pro License, they will reply.

We are all just users here, and volunteer our time to helping others. If you don’t like it, fine. I am sure you can find assistance somewhere else.