Cant send email >10Mb

Is there something in my settings that prevents sending an email with an attachment that is >10Mb?
e.g 10.1Mb or greater have failed. (Using latest version)

eM Client has a setting to allow a confirmation if the message is greater than a specified size, but it will never block you from sending a message.

Usually if the attachment is too big to send, that is because the email provider has restricted you.

Can you give the error message you received.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for that - I am a new user. The notification you refer to I have unchecked.
The message is this:

I am using gmail and receive much larger emails through that system hence do not think that is the issue.
Did not strike it with previous emailing program.
Any ideas?

This error is not restricting you from sending an attachment. All it is saying is that you are not able to connect to the server.

Try disabling your anti-virus application, then try again.

Many thanks Gary, that did the trick. i.e. cleared the Outbox and appeared as sent.
I do not understand why it only occurs with the large email!

Just received a phone call to say he got the message four times.
Three of these would have been whilst I had the “error” message and was attempting to send but having the message remaining in the Outbox. So it seems I will not know whether or not such a message has been dispatched!!!
Is this a separate issue?

eM Client will continually try to send the message until the server gives the correct response that it has been sent. It could be because of some error on the server. If it is still happening, then you might want to contact your email provider about that.

Thank you Gary,

Perhaps I should just wait!

Thanks for your help.

Keep safe

The error message you received is not because of a file size greater than 10 mb. Verify that your outgoing server settings within eM client are correct. There is a diagnostic “fix” option that you can run through.

Thank you - but see " Message w attachment stuck in outbox after actually sent"