Can't get my emails

On Wednesday I went on a website to view road closings in my area. Now I get a message that says…eMclient cant’ verify identity of “”. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “” which could put your confidential information at risk. Would you like to connect anyway? Below that it says…Connect - Do Not Connect - Show Certificate. I am guessing I must have clicked on Connect and that is why I can’t get my emails. PLEASE HELP! Thanks, Dave.

This is a security certificate on your email provider’s server. It has some error in the details, so you will need to ask them to fix it. Once they have, you won’t see the popup again.

Can you please fix it so I can receive my emails?

You need to ask your email provider to fix it.

They said I needed to ask emclient. I have been waiting since Thursday for their Advance Support Team to call me. Is there anything specific I should be telling them?

Sorry, but that certificate is on the server, not in the application. Only your email provider can fix it.

Just take a screenshot of the popup and send it to them. They will know what to do.

Ok thank you. I will try that if I can reach them.

Hello again. My email department says that you have to correct this situation. They have provided me with this information. Server Settings: Incoming Port 143 - Outgoing Port 993 - SMTP PORT 465. And to ask them to change the server settings for the incoming and outgoing. Please change the host name to

Reaching out to you again hoping you can correct this situation of not getting any emails through eMClient. As you can see in the previous email my email provider says you have to correct it. I have provided the necessary information that they gave me. Please let me know if you can resolve this as it I haven’t been able to use eMClient since June 26th. Thank you, Dave.