Can't edit message in Drafts folder


The title pretty much says it all. I have been working on an email and saved it to Drafts. It’s there but when I try to continue editing it I can’t. All that happens is what happen when you double-click on a message in, for example, Inbox… just a viewer and not the editor. How Can I edit this message?

Up-to-date Windows 10; eM Client version 9.2.2093

Can you right click on the draft email and open / edit it ?

No. There is no option to edit in the right-click menu. And clicking “Open” just opens it in the viewer, not the editor.

I have given the solution in a number of posts on this forum. Try this one even if it isn’t a Yahoo! account you have the issue with: When Mail drafts are not actual "drafts" - #2 by Gary

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