Can't edit draft email when selected from Drafts folder


When I select a draft email from the Drafts folder, it displays correctly but won’t let me edit.

I am using Windows 8.1.

This is interesting:

I CAN edit the e-mails which I’ve made in eM Client and which have been stored to the ‘drafts’ folder.

However I can NOT edit drafts which I had made in Thunderbird. After importing those e-mails in the ‘drafts’ folder, I can indeed open them, but not edit them.

Another disturbing thing is that those draft e-mails which I have imported from Thunderbird are still showing ‘undisclosed recipients’ in the CC field.

This ‘undisclosed recipients’ was a big issue in version 5 of eM Client…I got that also in the ‘normal’ e-mails, which were not in the drafts folder.

It seems that e-mails from the drafts folder in Thunderbird are still not imported correctly into eM Client.

Jan, can you please have a look at this?

Hi, I am having troubles recreating your issue. No matter if I create draft on our webmail or in Thunderbird I am able after synchronization edit drafts without any problems.

Your undisclosed recipient issue points on synchronization issues. What email service provider do you use?


Can you tell me what email service protocol do you use and in what program/web service you are creating your non editable draft?


I am also having this problem. I cannot edit email drafts. I am working directly in eM client 6.0.19714 without a web service. This issue was also posted in the fall (…)

Windows 8.1

Hi Jan,

How can I check which “e-mail service provider” I’m using?

The e-mails in the drafts folder which have an ‘undisclosed recipients’ in the ‘TO’ field, are from my work e-mail address, so I guess it’s some Chinese e-mail provider.

But I also have other e-mails in the drafts folder from my work e-mail address, in which the e-mail addresses of the people in the ‘TO’ field are showing correctly.

However, also of those e-mails I can not edit the text.

"How can I check which “e-mail service provider” I’m using? "
By this I mean Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo etc.

Could you provide me screenshot of your drafts (if you do not have anything personal in it), I would like to see your situation on my own eyes.


The e-mail service provider I’m using (related to the ‘undisclosed recipients’) is the one of my work, so some Chinese e-mail provider.

here is a screen shot of the header of an e-mail:

I’m one of the other people with this problem. I have attached a screenshot of a draft that cannot be edited. Note that there is no cursor visible in the message window.

Hi, and do you open that draft completely? I do not see it opened on your desktop taskbar.


Hi John Galis
Am relatively new to emclient after 8 years with Thunderbird. I have followed the “edit from drafts” subject and I too cannot edit a draft email prior to sending. Was there any resolution to this problem? or is it something I am not doing correctly. For example I move the file for editing from out box to drafts then double click on the file in drafts but I cannot edit (no cursor shows up)??

Hi, if you have the email in outbox that means that email has been already composed and is being sent, if you want to save an email you’re working on, compose the email and then click on File > Save, then it should be in your Drafts folder and upon double click you should be able to edit it.

Let me know if that helps,

I’m using eM Client version 6.0.20154.0 now and I still can not edit all my e-mails in the ‘drafts’ folder.

Hi Hans, are those emails moved to the Drafts folder or emails saved as drafts?

Thank you,

Hi Paul, I moved the emails to the drafts folder for editing but could not edit them.

Hi Paul,
the e-mails which can NOT be edited, have been imported from Thunderbird (where they were also in the ‘drafts’ folder).
The e-mails which CAN be edited, where started in eM Client.
I’m not moving e-mails to the ‘drafts’ folder.

Hi, as I mentioned previously you can’t edit previously composed emails, not even if they’re in the drafts folder. You can edit composed emails if you right click the message and select Forward > Forward as Original.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Hans,
the issue could actually be caused by eM Client, I’ve forwarded this issue to the developers and should be fixed in following updates, but I’m not sure if it will have an effect on your current mails… Since the issue might have marked them improperly thus they can’t be edited as drafts anymore.

Thank you for understanding, I hope it didn’t cause any trouble,

Hi Paul,
it’s not a problem for me that I can not edit the imported e-mails in my ‘drafts’ folder, as those e-mails were already very old.

I can indeed imagine that a solution won’t work for the already existing e-mails in my ‘drafts’ folder.

Great! However if you do need to send out a current (already composed) email, you can follow the instructions below Walnut’s reply. Right click the email and select Forward > Forward as original, then you can edit the email.

Thank you for your understanding, best regards,