Can't copy/paste text from eM Client 6 program


I am not able to copy/paste from the email text to other Windows application. It looks like it was reported at one point.…

Is there any setting that should be looked at? I have no problem copy/paste from IE to my other windows app BTW.


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Hi, do you use latest version of Internet Explorer?


No. I’m using IE8.

then please update to latest version which is 11, eM Client use IE core to handle copy and paste.


i can’t copy paste also. not even within em. internet explorer updated. windows 8.1.

Hi, what antivirus software are you using? Are you by any chance using webroot?
Is the issue only within eM Client or you are unable to copy&paste in other applications as well?

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using avast. no webroot used to my knowledge. only problem in eM. pls help, I’d hate to change my email client again … thx.

I notice that if I made the email editable, such as doing a reply or a forward, then I can copy/paste. I’m using a corporate image. My friend using a non secure image was fine. That said, some direction should be provided as to what IE security setting may be causing this if the client is IE backend.

tried the editable workaround, doesn’t work. nothing copies. if i try to paste, it pastes the thing previously added to my clipboard in another app. corporate image? don’t understand that. 

My laptop is a corporate laptop with security policies of the company. I could try disabling what might be conflicting but I don’t even know where to begin.

Hi can you please go to Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level, and Enable “Allow Programmatic clipboard access”?

Let me know if this helped your issue…

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found it! it works… thx!

Great! Glad it works, let us know if you have any more issues with the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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Cannot copy/paste. Using Windows 8 x64, IE 10, BitDefender. 

I cannot update to IE 11, because the only way to update to IE 11 on Win 8 is to update to Win 8.1, and i am not going to update to Win 8.1. 

If you are going to depend on IE, PLEASE DO NOT DEPEND ON THE LATEST VERSION OF IE. That’s inconvenient for everyone who does not have IE 11. Please don’t make me update my operating system just to use your software. 

Or, at least provide a link to download IE 11 directly, without updating my OS. 


I’m sorry if this is an issue for you, but without making sure you’re using the latest available version I can’t be sure if this is an eM Client’s issue.
I’m using Windows 8 and have the latest available version (11) installed on my computer so I don’t believe this should be an issue.

Thank you for understanding, we’re working on moving onto WebKit as IE has certain limitations, but unfortunately can’t do anything about it immediately, development takes a certain amount of time.


It works for me

Hi, I also cannot copy/paste directly from EMC, my screen freezes and flashes when I “accidentally” try to select and copy text from the viewing pane. I can copy text if I select the email for forwarding or replying. I use Firefox not IE. EMC is a great product but this is really irritating!

Hi Alison, not completely sure if I understand what exactly is going on with your application, is it possible to make a screenshot of the issue you’re seeing?
As it was already stated here in this topic, Internet Explorer still plays a key part in eM client working properly as it’s using some of it’s components. If you’re having issues with copy/pasting, please make sure you have the latest available version of IE installed on your computer and if you have the option to “Allow programmatic clipboard access” enabled.

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Hi Paul, thank you for your quick reply. It looks as though I will have to live with the problem as I don’t want to upgrade or use IE. Unfortunately I also cannot take a screenshot as my bizarre keyboard doesn’t have the function - or it is cunningly disguised!!! Basically, what happens when I select text to copy, is the screen flickers and flashes and any open programs freeze for around 1 minute. Then it all goes back to normal.
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Hi Alison, you don’t have to use IE, but you might have to update it. But even without updating, check if you have the option “Allow programmatic clipboard access” enabled.
But of course I can not force you to take these steps in order to resolve the issue.

What you’re describing, does that only occur in eM Client? Can you copy text from Internet Explorer (that is the easiest way to check if this is an IE issue).

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